Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir Part Five  

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5/6/2005 1:56 pm

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Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir Part Five

His eyes followed the drop, and his cheeks reddened slightly. I added a few more cubes of ice, and more water to the glass. "Lets go."
"Yes Mistress." I turned and headed for the stairs, his footsteps following close behind. Once we got to my room, I was struck briefly. What the heck was I doing? Could I pull this off? It doesn't hurt to try. I tapped my lip with a fingertip. "What am I to do with you?" "Anything you wish, Mistress." I set the glass down on a table, and faced him. I stroked my hands down my body, outlining my breasts and hips with my fingers. His eyes followed my movements. "Did I say you could look at me?" i was getting the hand of this. He dropped his head swiftly, eyes on the floor. "No Mistress. I am sorry Mistress. Please, punish me." Hmmm. Ok. I can do this. I told him to lay down, his head at the lower corner of my bed. I grabbed a silky tie from my bureau. I slid it across my fingers, and around one nipple. Very soft. I tied one hand, and then slid the tie under the corner of the bed. I tied the otehr hand and gave a tug. Nope, he isn't going anywhere. He turned his head to the side, and lookd at me. I kissed his lips, sucking on the bottom lip, and nibbling. I pulled away from him, and settled next to his naked body. I smoothed on hand from the nape of his neck, all the way down to cup his ass. he trembled and lifted his ass, filling my hand again. I pulled my hand away, and brought it down sharply. "Don't move." "Yes Mistress. I am sorry Mistress." I spanked him again, watching the flesh already begining to turn red. What a nice sight.

While we were getting set up, my husband had come home. he hopped in the shower, and by the time I was spanking, he was out. He walked in the bedroom, still slightly damp, with a huge grin on his face. "what are you smiling at?" "Nothing, just the beautiful view. Keep it up." Apparently my husband was a little slow on the uptake. He hadn't figured out yet that i was running this show. I cracked my hand across my toy's ass one more time, and stood up. I walked over to my husband and pulled him to me. I wrapped one arm aound his neck, and brought his ear to my mouth. "I am Mistress. Refer to me as such, understand?" His eyes went wide. He and i didn't really play this to often. He nodded, and dropped his eyes to the floor. "I understand Mistress. I apologise." I nodded. "Fetch my brush." "Yes Mistress," my husband muttered. He stepped over to our bureau and retrieved it. he cracked it against his fingers, and my toy flinched. I took the brush from my husband, and ran the bristle side up and down my toy's back. he shivered.

Will fisnish later.

smileguyqc 53M

5/7/2005 12:44 pm

Poor hubby, didn't know what he was walking into did he, he must of know you had it in you, no?

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