The Confusion of Conversation  

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4/25/2005 8:38 am

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The Confusion of Conversation

Yesterday, I shot down a couple. My husband and I felt that they were to agressive in their persuit. We were incredibly uncomfortable with they way they were speaking to us. So, I grabbed the bull by the balls, and told them we just weren't interested. The husband reacted very nastily. I should have seen it coming, but naive me, wanted to see the best in people. Perhaps I wasn't clear enought when I said we were only up for chatting right now. The couple kept pushing for more, and frankly, it was freaking me out.
I think that we must be some rare breed of swingers, or something. We like to find one person, and 'ride' them out, until we decide to walk our seperate paths in life. We have found one person that we are having a blast with, and frankly, we are only looking for a woman right now. That isn't to say that we are not up for naughty chat, or making friends. There is no way that we could actually meet up with every person who has contacted us for a rendezvous. That would be impossible. I would be on my back or on my knees all weeek long. Not that the prospect of a week long nookie-a-thon doesn't appeal, but we also have families and jobs to contend with.
I enjoy chatting with all different people, and I will gladly exchange pictures with anyone who wishes. I'll even talk on the phone with you if that is your wish. I have found that I love talking dirty, and making another person imagine what I could do to them is thrilling. And I love taking naked pictures and sending to people.
At this point, anyone can talk to me, more the merrier. But I think that we have found that we are monogamous swingers. Does that make sense? Probably not. But since when has sex ever made sense?

warpriest 41M

5/21/2005 12:38 am

Ummm. . . If you ever cum, er come, to east tennesse, for the love of God, let me know.

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