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4/23/2005 9:09 pm

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I am an honest person. I do not hide things from people. I suppose that makes me open, not necessarily honest. either way, I must be naive, because I expect the same from others. If a person is going to contact us, for god's sakes, be honest, and open.

I'll also set some new rules, rules I didn't think needed to be said, but here goes.

Do not bother if you are married, and your partner does not swing, or disapproves. No matter what you say, to me that is still cheating. Doing something that you know your partner would disapprove of, and that may cause issues with in your relationship is not kosher with me. I have been on the other end of this problem, and it sucks. That being said, if you are married, and your partner wants to suck my husbands cock while I lick her pussy, by all means, please talk to us. Or if your partner just doesn't want to do it, but doesn't mind you doing it, fine, that works too. We are all adults here, so act like it. Take responsibility for your actions.

Don't lie to me. I will find out eventually. Age, size, name, whatever, it really doesn't matter. I never call out names so, if you don't want yours known, don't use it. Just be up front about it. I am good with that. I have kept my name to myself before. It's all for safety. Just tell people up front.

It is not just sex. No matter what new age crap people spout, for me, it is not just sex. I have emotions, and unlike my husband, I can not, and frankly, will not, separate them from my sexual experiences. Now, that being said. I love my husband. I am in love with him. In order for me to sleep with you, I have to like you. Like is an emotion. So is lust. They are all real. If someone I am sleeping with, other than my husband does something hurtful, I can not just brush it off. I am hurt. I will or will not get over it.

I want the people that I sleep with to be our friends as well. Friends with benefits, if you will. I hate secrets, as I have said before. If we form a bond with another couple, we view it as any other relationship. Something that takes work, and energy. We want fun also, but fun often comes with an undesirable price tag. Fun cannot be all there is to it. Again that awful word emotion comes up. We are looking for a couple to be lasting friends with, not just sex. If we get a few duds along the way, that is fine, so is life. But in the end we want friends, people who share interests in and outside of the bedroom. People, who in time, can know we have a life beyond sexual encounters. There is more to me than a pussy. Please respond in like.

warpriest 41M

5/21/2005 12:36 am

I don't think that we live anywhere near each other, but even without sex, I think I would have enjoyed getting to know you and your husband. I too, have diffuculty seperating my emotions from sex. (please don't tell any of my guy friends!) Really though, I am just glad to be able to read your blog, and know that there are similar folk out there, people who love, fuck, live and enjoy life the way I try to. Thanks.

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