Gettin' Busy  

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5/11/2005 11:11 am

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Gettin' Busy

It's shaping up to be a very busy week. My husband is meeting a woman, for the first time, on Friday. If things go well, I guess he is bringing her home. I am looking forward to it! Then on Sunday, we are meeting up with another guy, for a one night only kinda thing. Not what we are looking for, per se, but who would turn such an offer down. The guys is very hot. Yummmy. I can taste his cock already. Then on Monday, if we have any energy left over, we might be meeting another new 'friend'. I am gonna have to get me a little black book. So many men, I mean, people, so little time!

The story I had mentioned the other day is getting pretty good reviews. I have gotten over one thousand hits in one day. Whoo Hoo! I even have a handful of votes for the monthly contest. So, to anyone who reads this. Go read my story, give it a 5 rating, leave feed back, and vote for me!!! Just Kidding.

I was talking to an online friend the other day, and he was so helpful! I have been putting off starting my career. He was really supportive and uplifting. My husband is the same way. It's just me. I have another friend who is willing to help me get a disk recorded, and I am soo putting it off. I am unfortuantely pretty realistic about what I can accomplish, vocally. I was like really well known in the area years ago, but i got out of school, got married, and had a kid. Kinda put my dreams on hold for a while. Last year I did start getting my toes back in, with various choirs, and getting my voice back in shape. I did a musical this past spring, and that helped with my stage fright. I have a fear of ending up like this preformer here, Debbie meyers, or whatever her name is. Just listening to her sing makes me cringe. She does fairs, and things like that, which is all good and well, but not me. I have been classically trained, more opera, than pop. So, I am not gonna be the next Britney.

The only other thing that I have ever wanted to do was write. I was published in a few small publications, poetry, and short stories, and stuff like that. Just this year I started writing erotica, and I rather like it. Any one have any ideas for other words for pussy and cock? They get kinda old, and any I can come up with end up really crass.

Ok, enough about me, this has turned in to a whine-a-thon. Not really what I intended.

I am really getting in to this Dom thing. I think I might be good at it. But how do I reconcile that with this side of me that really wants to be a Sub? Any Ideas? Anyone?

smileguyqc 53M

5/12/2005 9:08 am

Congrats again on your success with the writing, go girl!!

MainelyCurious15 47M/35F

5/12/2005 3:30 pm

Thanks sweetie! You are always such an encouragement. MWAH!

warpriest 41M

5/21/2005 12:26 am

Other words besides 'pussy' and 'cock'? Well, there are the usual one: pussy=womanhood, vagina, lovehole, wetspot, joywell and cave, and for cock=shaft, stick, penis, lovewand, fuckstick, and so on. But what you want is a string of descriptive words. I just finished a class before graduation where we strung together words to describe something from everday life, like 'fast red machine on wheels'(car) (or 'singing square box that cingular gave me' (cell phone) You wrote, "I can taste his cock already" Flipped the way I am talking about, that line might read, "I can taste the hot juices from his long, love rod even now." That's somewhat cheezy, but you get the idea. But hey, one of the things I like about your writing is the directness, the bluntness of it. It turns me on. Keep on!! I read almost all your blogs tonight, amazed by the writing style, and aroused by the imagery. You must be doing something right!

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