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4/26/2005 1:45 pm

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Yeah, we have all heard the song. Ever really thought about it? What does anticipation do to a person's body? I can tell you what it does to mine. My heart races, and a pink flush spreads over my breasts. My mouth gets very wet, and I have to swallow all the time, making my throat bob in reflex. My nipples get hard, and rub up against whatever I am wearing, which at present is a denim boustier. My whole breast swells in it's confines, begging to be set free by whom ever it is that I am anticipating. My fingers ache to touch something, anything, as long as it is flesh. My mouth becomes very pouty, and begs to be smothered in kisses. My tongue continually darts out between my lips, and licks very slowly, as I savor the feel of it drgging across my lips. My back arches, trying to relieve some of the pressure that the ache in my breasts have caused. Of course, that just makes my hard nipples rub more insistantly. I begin to feel an odd dampness between my thighs. I can feel my pussy begining to clench, begging to be stroked and filled. If I were to slide one hand down across my body and down in to the straight hair there, I would find that my clit was already taut. If I were to touch myself, it would send waves of pleasure down my long legs to the very tips of my toes. Of course, I would never do that. There is someone else who will touch me and make my body cry out. In the mean time, I can imagine what his touch will do to me. If he were to touch my neck with his lips, I would feel his lips on my pussy. If he were to suck on my full bottom lip, he would really be sucking on my engorged clit. If he were to stroke my mouth with his warm tongue, he would be stroking deep within me. I can only imagine what he could do to me, because you see, he isn't here. I am in an acute state of arousal. Not to mention the anticipation. Never for get the anticipation.

smileguyqc 53M

4/26/2005 5:22 pm

Wow!! very nice, anticipation there's an odd nervousness, my stomach is doing flips, goose flesh, hair on end sensitive to the slightest touch, tongue tied, hard to put the words together, muscles hard tense almost like its going to be a fight but of course it won't be, and yes there's a swelling, I can feel it in the head pushing at my jeans, the presure slowly rising, and as you said she isn't there so it starts to hurt, to ache, something inside and I close my eyes and wish that she was closer. I like what you wrote anticipation is wonderful

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