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This is sort of background to question that barbiebunny asked me.

Several years ago, a Polish taxi driver in Waikiki stopped me on the street and said; " I have a friend who has a problem! Will you help?"

The cab driver had spent 12 years on death row in
the Soviet penal systems until finally securing his release and subsequently , asylum in the U.S. .

He drove me to an expensive hotel in Waikiki and introduced me to one of the most beautiful
women I had ever seen.
He said to me; "Say something to her in russian."

She was so gorgeous the only appropriate russian phrase I could think of was; "Zhena".

This was my first meeting
with "Maria".

Romano explained to her that I was the guy that could help her with her problem.

"Maria" and I then walked to a _Denny's_ restaurant for coffee and we had our first interview.

"Maria" had been born in a Soviet Prison Camp near Navvy Port in Siberia; there she spent the first 8 years of her life.

She had managed to acquire an education and a teaching position at the University of St. Petersburg.

The russian mafia then entered her life and the life of her minor son.

{This is a long convoluded tale even though it is a very true tale and I will continue it at my next oppurtunity.}

Como. Gerald J. Peterson
U.S. Naval Institute 1-395990

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