No More Love Stories...  

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1/20/2006 1:40 am

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No More Love Stories...

No more love stories, romantic poems, or cute little haikus
All I can think of now is the times I’ve said all the Goodbyes and all the passionate “Fuck You’s!”
We can talk about going through life together, walking arm in arm, and hand in hand
But you weren’t talking, you were bullshitting, and that’s fine, Baby Girl, cuz I’m a man.
I wanted to walk down that Love Road Less Traveled and
Be Inspired to stay on that High Path
But you sent me down the Low Path and I know this road like the back of my hand so Bitch Beware My Wrath.
I’m not saying I need to beat you or bully you or break your flighty, flaky nerve.
I’m just saying that every action has consequences and you’re about to get what you deserve.

Like I said before, Beautiful, I’m a man, and that means I’ve Always got my backup plan.
I’m not going to cry, scream, yell, or shout.
But realize that when I said you were one in a million that just means I can round you out.
So while you’re running around in circles, not knowing what you want, and just flaking out
Rest assured I’ll be spending my time talking naughty to the other hotties I’ll be taking out.

They won’t get my heart though because I was stupid and already gave you that Trump card.
No, instead they’ll get your other favorite body part, the one you loved because it was nice, thick, and delicious, the one you loved to suck hard.
I’ll keep giving it to them too until the heartache goes away and your name no longer slips from my lips
I’ll do my best to stay busy and fill up some new girl every night and see how my hands fit around her ankles, throat, and hips.

I can be a Good Man, Your Good Man, or I can be That Guy.
I can be the ruthless, cunning, manipulative, son of a bitch and be that asshole who makes you cry.
I don’t have to chase you, I can replace you, and be happy with the way I deal with it.
After all, it doesn’t matter how pretty a woman is, there’s always some guy who got fed up with her shit.

So it looks like that’s what happened.
No more Once Upon a Time and no more Happily Ever After between you and me.
And that’s a shame because it was a nice fantasy.
But you, my sweet princess, are about to get reality checked
Because you started a game I’m going to win in ways you’d never suspect.
I’m not a Player but I got skills like you’d never believe
I’m a Man, Boo, and you’re not the only one who knows how to deceive.
We had something beautiful and you decided to let it go to waste
So now you and your girlfriends have more in common than you know—the knowledge of How Good I taste.

They say “There’s a thin line between love and hate.”
I bet it looks like the pretty pink G String that got pushed aside last night while I ate.
It wasn’t you and, no, it didn’t taste as sweet.
But there’s no pussy quite like new pussy and that’s a taste that can’t be beat.
New Pussy and Ex-Pussy… That’s the best Get-Me-Over-You Trick.
It’s amazing how good it is for my ego to know how much Ladies Love My Dick.
You’re not the first woman I’ve called Angel and it’s sad that you won’t be the last
But the real tragedy is going to be how fast I forget you
And how quickly you become just another dumb mistake of my past.

By Carter
Inspired 06.15.05

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