Inside of You  

MagnumCarter 43M
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1/20/2006 1:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Inside of You

This one is interactive… Whenever I say “Yes”, you respond with the answer… “Inside of Me…”

Can I tell you a secret? There’s something incredible about you that’s truly captivated me. You have so many amazing qualities that I respect and admire. I love how you have so many positive values about life and the world and I see them… Yes?
I love how I’ve been able to see for myself the ways that your character and shining personality have influenced me, and I see even more potential and greatness… Yes?
I’ve been thinking about more than a few things since we met and I want you to know that I know my role and I know exactly where I’m supposed to be… Yes?
You inspire me, in more ways than you know as a matter of fact, and I want you to know that I have a new goal and a new desire because you’ve changed my reality… especially when I’m… Yes?
I don’t just mean physically… Actually, I do… but I mean to be so much more… I mean to touch your soul… To set your spirit on FIRE! To be in your heart and your mind and your dreams and wherever you say you want me… Yes?
I don’t just mean every once in a while… I mean all the time… When you first wake up in the morning and even before you open your eyes you’ll feel me, yes?
When you’re in the car heading to or from work you’ll know that I’m thinking of you at the same time and you’ll feel me there, yes?
When we’re walking together and you feel me holding your hand as we move together you’ll think of me… Yes?
When we stay in bed all day and all night because we can’t get enough of each other you’ll know and I’ll know how I fit perfectly… Yes?
When we’re out and about spending time with our friends and our family and trying to maintain our outside lives all we’ll truly be thinking is how you and I both want me to be… Yes?
When we’re at the movies, or at Blockbuster, or at the game, or at the park, or at the theater, or at the fair, or on vacation, or at dinner, or at home already snuggled up on the couch I want you to keep me… Yes?
When we finish our day together and I’m the last person you see before we fall asleep, the last voice you hear as you close your eyes, the last kiss on your skin… You’ll know that I’m feeling you and dreaming about you even as you feel me and dream about me staying… Yes?
& Yes, you’ll be Inside of Me too.

Inspired 07.15.05

redgoldgirl 57F
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1/27/2008 2:55 pm

Still as wonderful a read as the first time you read it to me over the phone. I remember the goosebumps your voice and words evoked... and how I wanted to crawl through the phone lines to be there and feel you deep... Yes?

Hugs and Kisses Babe!

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