No feel good ...  

MaggiesWishes 60F
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1/7/2006 10:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

No feel good ...

Just a note ...
I need to go to the south, it's too cold up here.
<~~ going back to bed now.

MaggiesWishes 60F

1/7/2006 10:15 am

I'm just not up to par at this moment.
Some sort of allergy infection and it's kickin' my butt, actually attacking my sinsus and eyes, major infliction of pain.

Thank you, sweet friends, for your warm notes and genuine concern.
I will be back when I can feel better. Short moments, are all I can do at this time.

Divinity ~~ I promise the search will continue for that "rag-word" c*^t.

warm wishes and huggies

caressmewell 53F

1/7/2006 11:45 am

Feel better soon.. Warm Hugs to you

rm_Young102 40M
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1/7/2006 4:44 pm


I hope you will feel much better very soon,

My warmest wishes

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