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9/29/2005 10:16 am

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The Internet today...

On a random "You feeling lucky" Google hunt..I came across this... i didn't write this... LOL...Just thought I'd share it...

Handy tips for freeing yourself from the constraints of friendship.

The following techniques have been tried and tested by experts, but theyare NOT guaranteed! A guarantee promises compensation if something
doesn't work, and these alienating behavior patterns ABSOLUTELY _WILL_WORK every single time. If, after applying them, you have not become
the most despised person you know, YOU AREN'T TRYING HARD ENOUGH! Use these simple guidelines as a basis for your own campaign to eliminate
all close personal ties, and you will find the solitude you need to begin the self-improvement campaign it will take to make _new_ friends.
Or just KILL YOURSELF to make everyone feel guilty!

To facilitate matters, and get a jump on the whole process, first trythis simple procedure: Get Drunk Every Day. Unbeknownst to them, drunks
not only look bad and smell bad, they think bad! The only people who enjoy being around drunks are other drunks! Modern science had not yet
determined whether daily drinking actually destroys the personality or people with lousy personalities naturally become drunks. What's certain is that drunks have no real sense of being a part of the world, and this puts them in a constant defensive posture which can cause great pain and frustration for any non-drunk who befriends them!

Here, then, are the best and most successful approaches for ridding
oneself of friends, family and co-workers:

There are many exciting ways to apply know-it-allism and make yourself very unpleasant to be around! Try researching one obscure byway of
knowledge and bring it into every conversation. When your friends admit they don't know much about it, they provide you with a perfect
opportunity to enforce your position of superiority by mocking their

If you are among the lucky few with wide knowledge and good recall, take
every opportunity to educate everyone you know by delivering long monologues on any topic they think they know something about; this works
best when they want to tell you about an intriguing fact they've learned
or an interesting book they've just finished. Not only do you get to be an authority, but you deprive them of the pleasure of sharing something
they like, perhaps even making them wish they'd never heard of it at

The best way to be a know-it-all, though, is to treat everything you've
ever heard of, excepting your personal field of favorite topics, as "old hat," lame and juvenile, lacking any redeeming quality for genuinely
knowledgeable people like yourself. Anything you don't already know all about can be treated as if you it just doesn't matter! This leaves your
soon-to-be ex-friends without a leg to stand on unless they abandon every field of knowledge not officially approved by you!

This one's easy! Just complain about everything all the time! Make sure everyone knows how much you think life sucks! Since perfection is
unobtainable in this world there's always something wrong with everything, giving you limitless opportunities to bitch about
anything, anytime, anywhere! Conversation lagging? Fill it in by telling your latest unpleasant experience! The weather, the government, other people, your job, your other friends (if any), all these and millions of other topics are fair game for dissection! Ignore anything that looks okay and seek out anything of which you don't approve! It won't take long, believe me! Be careful, though, because some people use complaining as a form of communication, and actually gain comfort
from sharing complaints! You can count them out by drowning them out; which leads to our next technique!

Let's face facts. YOU are the only person who really matters, and everyone else has to conform to your standards. So talk about yourself
all the time. Start sentences with "I" as much as possible, and tell everyone all about the many fascinating experiences you've had,
especially in regard to high-school drug use and any military service you may have enjoyed! They're lucky to have a chance to be your friend
at all and if they don't like what you do let them go be somebody else's friend. You've had it rough, been rejected all your life, and now you
get to judge, you get to accept or reject THEM. If they tell you how they really feel about things without being careful to tailor every
phrase to your tastes, if they persist in having opinions of their own,if they refuse to accept you as ultimate authority on the correct mode
of life, OUT THEY GO! So they feel bad, they'll get over it! That's
why YOU don't trust anyone, so YOU won't feel bad when they inevitably
reject you! BEAT THEM TO THE PUNCH and be sure to tell them exactly how
and why they have proved themselves unworthy of your esteem!

Strangers? Don't talk to me about STRANGERS! They aren't really
PEOPLE, they're just hollow instrumental beings, feelingless flesh
robots designed to do things YOU DON'T LIKE! Take every public
opportunity to put them in their place without actually provoking
violence! And if they obviously can't or won't fight back, POP 'EM ONE
and go brag to your friends about it! They'll be so repelled by your
apparent failure to evolve that they may terminate your friendship on

It's a delicate and refined art to be both utterly insensitive to others
and insanely hypersensitive about yourself, but it _can_ be done! Start
by interpreting any points of difference between you and your friends as
a criticism of _you_! Think of their lives as a critique of yours, and
the more you agree on, the more they approve of you! When you find you
disagree, immediately point out one of _their_ inadequacies to even the
score! If you've done well on the previous techniques, you'll find
plenty of chances to put this one to good use! Keep telling yourself
"There's _nothing_ wrong with me," while you interpret their
individuality as disapproval!

Go even further by giving vent to your emotional reactions to things
_you think they're implying_ by any statement they make! You don't have
to wait for criticism when you can create it out of expressions,
gestures, tones of voice, or many other undisprovable subjective
statements! If their explanation starts to look too much like you
really are mistaken, accuse them of having whatever motives you think
they are about to say _you_ have! It doesn't have to make sense as long
as you come out on top!

Always demand their attention, never give them yours. Use those long
"dead periods" in the conversation, when the other person is talking, to
prepare the next portion of your monologue!

Tell the same few stories over and over in great detail. This works
best when drunk. Pick your favorites and stick with them, making them
longer each time!

_Never_ let others apply the same standards to you that you apply to

Be sure they know how silly they are to be upset when you destroy their
personal possessions through negligence!

Mock any display of sincerity, sensitivity or emotion you see, in your
friends or others, as weak or childish!

Evade any responsibility for your reactions by blaming whoever or
whatever inspired the reaction! It's their fault if they make you mad!

Study up on psychological terminology to prove that things you don't
like are signs of mental illness. When your insensitivity drives your
friends to stand up for themselves, tell them they're psychotic!

Maintain a constant inner contradiction by wanting everything both ways;
demand respect while being a monster, blame others for your mistakes, be
as cruel as you can while keeping a mental image of yourself as a
suffering victim!

Send friends a copy of this with everything you think applies to them
underlined in red!

Yes, millions of people use these valuable techniques every day, without
even thinking about it! If you're like them, and you've already lost
most of your friends, maybe you can find other ways of using this handy
guide. Any of these techniques can be used to gain friends, simply by
eliminating it permanently from your life! Sometimes just taking a good
look at ourselves and trying to see if we do any of these things we
REALLY HATE in others is all it takes to begin making ourselves better
people. We can't do that, though, until we realize that EVERYONE ELSE


eroticneurotic 46M

9/29/2005 3:53 pm

LMAO Madi, this is so true it's funny. I read something recently that said to avoid or get rid of so-called friends who have these type of personality characteristics. Like it says here, what better way to lose friends than to be a fragile self-centered know-it-all with a negative attitude, right? It's good to know people like you who are just the opposite of that. You are a strong-willed, open minded, considerate person with a positive attitude and plenty of spice to keep it interesting. No matter what the situation, you always look at it from a glass half full point of view. I respect that about you, just so you know.

a_poetman 45M

9/29/2005 4:18 pm

I can learn from this!

MadiCowx 30F

9/30/2005 7:36 am

The bottle is always half full, screw the glass...hehe


eroticneurotic 46M

10/3/2005 1:09 pm

Lmao, true, true

rm_bitterSC 65M
12 posts
10/13/2005 5:29 am

And if all of the preceeding techniques happen to fail, here is a sure fire way to alienate yourself from most of humanity while insuring a superior self-image while leaving your friends and acquaintances second guessing themselves: announce loudly while fluttering your eyelids and rolling your eyes, ..."BEEN THERE, DID THAT!!!"

SirMounts 102M

10/26/2005 7:23 pm

Hmmm. you know I tried all those things but they only made Me more popular. *sad*

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