Okay, so I wanna give my friend a 3some for his B-day  

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7/31/2006 4:01 pm

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8/18/2007 6:41 am

Okay, so I wanna give my friend a 3some for his B-day

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rm_mase020 35M

8/1/2006 2:49 am

hmmmm well why not make it a 4 sum 2 guys and 2 girls =) That would be alot of fun taking turns having fun I would be interested in this for sure! =) Hit me back, I sent you a message

rm_jrdaddy101 60M

8/1/2006 7:27 am

Communication, communication, communication you all need to tell each other what you want out of this. A man can please more than one woman at a time and you need to let the instigator know what you want.
If you do then there shouldn't be any surprises and everybody should have a good time.

I hope it is everything you want it to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8/1/2006 9:02 pm

Mase: think he's just looking for a threesome ffm, selfish I know lol.
Jrdaddy: thanks for the input, am I to assume you have experience in this matter? hmmmm?

rm_jrdaddy101 60M

8/2/2006 9:31 am

I'll never tell. I was told by someone very important to me that a gentleman never kisses and tells, if he did he would never get kissed again.

MorelSorerHeard 42M
10 posts
8/2/2006 10:20 am

Go for it MYTIME652...Will this be your first experience with a couple? Have you been with a female before?? if you had...then just be open and receptive and as jrdaddy said....Communication is the key.....make sure everyone what everyone knows what you like and want...hmmm..wishes I was the guy....lol


8/3/2006 6:36 am

Sweet: No, I'm not bi-sexual or bi-curious, I guess if I was it was make things a lot different lol. Hopefully it will turn out to be a nice experience.

loadeddice05 44M

8/8/2006 6:57 pm

These things tend to get messy!! As most likely the only gut here to have actually had sex with more than one woman in one sitting as well as having had more than one girlfriend!!! I'm gonna help you!!!!!

If you have no interest in other women??? Why do it??? It's gonna ruin one side of this friendship so chose your side and proceed with caution!! If you do decide to do it??? Have fun!!!! LOL!!!

Thanks?? I just knocked up the fat girl next door!!! LOL!!!

SingleWarrior 52M

8/8/2006 8:31 pm

So... what happened?


8/9/2006 7:38 am

SingleWarrior: I'll never tell.
Dice: Gonna marry her now? LOL

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