Hacked again/Twice Stupid  

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7/11/2006 2:42 pm

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7/21/2006 7:16 am

Hacked again/Twice Stupid

It happens everytime. Well I really can't say it happens a lot but it's happened twice and I've fallen for it both times so that's a lot in my book. Someone sends me an offline message that looks like it's from someone on my contact list. It says something like "look at these great pics I just took" or whatever and there is a link. So, you click on the link and it looks like you're at photos and it asks for your username and password. DUMB DUMB DUMB how could I be so dumb. But there I was, typing it all in and the page wouldn't open, well duh! I said something to the contact the message supposedly came from and they say they have no idea about the message or where it came from, they didn't send it. Well this happened once several months ago and I fell for it, put in the password and then someone went in, got all my email and sent it to those on my contact list for their viewing pleasure. Real Nice. The bad thing is, the same exact thing happened today and I fell for it. Even though I found out the last one was a scam to get my password, I fell for it again. I feel stupid and am not at all happy lol. To make matters worse, I change my password to protect myself and now I can't remember what I changed it to lol. Hope you're all having a great day.

Eddie5011 42M

7/12/2006 1:02 am

It's easy to be conned here I think. Drop by my blog anytime you like and comment, take part in polls and stuff, as it's usually pretty quiet there. If you want to chat then just e-mail me.

horny4770 60M
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7/12/2006 3:50 am

Hi Mytime652,

Stupid is a pretty harsh term...I usually reserve it just for me! lol These are interesting times and it is SO easy to get taken in. I'm sure you are not the first or the last, if that makes you feel better...

Thanks for taking the time and visiting my blog, come back again!


rm_jrdaddy101 61M

7/12/2006 12:57 pm

It's hard not to get caught up in those. I have to really be carful not to fall into that trap. You're not stupid just unaware.


7/12/2006 4:03 pm

Thanks for all the kind words. I was finally able to recover my password and get back into my mail and messenger and stuff. Duh! Okay I will never fall for that again. I will never fall for that again. I will never fall for that again. Said it three times so I'm good now lol. Thanks again.

loadeddice05 44M

7/12/2006 10:39 pm

lol!!! That sucks!! And you fell for it twice?? Goofball!! Anyways!!! Just don't do it again!!!

I bet you do fall for it again??? LOL!!!! let us know?


7/12/2006 10:50 pm

Suncrusher: the profile looks good, there was nothing really wrong with the stuff you had before but some might have taken it the wrong way. Good luck with it.

Loadeddice: no way, I will never fall for it again. As a matter of fact as soon as I reset my password I recieved an email with a link stating that I had a card waiting for me at yahoo american greetings or something. It was from someone I didn't know so guess what...I didn't click on the link. Yay me! LOL

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