The damn exhibitionism in me again!  

MWWwantsmore 51F
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3/13/2006 4:48 am

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3/14/2006 6:21 pm

The damn exhibitionism in me again!

OK so I went out dancing Friday night (with hubby) , the band we saw usually has a large following and draws a big crowd. Not sure if anyone has heard of them, Eight to the Bar. They have been around (ok showing my age here lol) for around 30 years locally.

So we get there and there is only about 15 people in the whole bar VERY unusual for this band. The band has never played at this place before so we figured people just didnt know the band. We were in freakin Terryville, CT lol.

So the band arrives and sees that there is a VERY small crowd BUT they did promise the owner that they would draw a crowd.

SO anyway they start playing and NO ONE gets out on the dance floor. Now we have seen this band many times and they know us by sight so they know what song to play to get me out there. So like the 3rd song they played my song MUSTANG SALLY! I am there!

During the first break the guitar player comes up to me (while hubby was in the bathroom) and starts flirting with me (damn why did hubby have to be there lol) I always thought he was cute. He said he always thought I was beautiful

So of course now when I am on the dance floor I am dancing for that cute guitar player Shaking my ass at him lol At one point I was the only one on the dance floor, but had all the guys in the bar watching me

I always loved being the center of attention and I was that night Good thing there wasnt a pole on that dance floor lol

I will have to make sure I go see this band soon without hubby (thats the bad girl in me )

CamCumWithMe 59M

3/13/2006 7:52 am

I think there's a bit of exhibitionism in all of us... at least I hope so because I'd hate to think I'm the only perverted person on the planet!

rm_Keystone3812 65M
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3/13/2006 10:02 am

Welcome back to the working world. Sucks, doesn't it????

docdirk 47M

3/14/2006 6:06 pm

I've seen 8TTB before. Not really my style, but they typically do pack them in and get them dancing. Of course, I've never had the privilege of going to Terryville (who's Terry anyway?) so I'm not sure if that's a normal response.

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

MWWwantsmore 51F

3/14/2006 6:21 pm

Can: Me perverted nah, you of course!

Key: yeah wish I didnt have to work

Doc: I just go to see that cute guitar player lol, no I like the motown they play

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