fires of Heaven  

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1/5/2006 5:15 am

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1/26/2008 8:30 am

fires of Heaven

Fires of Heaven
Two hearts meeting in calm of night,
embers of emotion, they do ignite.
Her lips meet his, send hearts flames high,
their souls soaring through night sky.

A caress, a kiss, sets their hearts aflame,
these fires of passion, cannot be tamed.
Infernos raging out of control,
burn down walls that cage their souls.

Bodies burning with desire,
fan flames of passion even higher.
Passions burn till first embrace,
and together they find that timeless place.

In throes of passion, they are drenched,
the only way these fires quenched.
Two hearts meeting lips entwined,
Fires of love, as old as time


1/8/2006 5:06 am

yes babe i have more im a poetjust cruze through our site i have posted on my other Group see my groups on my homepage im a part of ty for your words and feel free anytime to visit us again..

flamethrower695 53M
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4/30/2006 11:59 am

very nice honey

flamethrower695 53M
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4/30/2006 12:34 pm

i would like to pass this on to you

the heat of passion

i want be the breeze
that gently touches your face

the kiss that lingers on your lips
but never leaves a trace

to be the sound of your heartbeat
stronge as the tide
like the treasures of the deep
of whats hidden inside

to be the one in your dreams
when the darkness falls,
the first name on your lips
when the sunrise calls

to be the passion so hot
like the flame of a fire
the one that you crave
the one that you desire

i thought this one would fit in well with your other fine works



5/10/2006 9:03 pm

ty chris such sweet words

Everyman1111 41M
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5/14/2006 2:39 pm

Sounds like the soulmates concept.

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