Best Sex Ever!!  

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4/24/2006 9:45 pm
Best Sex Ever!!

For our anniversary we had some amazing sex that lasted for hours!!! We got some hot porn dvd's and some new toys to play with! She sucked my thick cock like it was a melting popsicle and just when i was about to cum she would back off and keep me at the point of eruption all night. I was pinching her hard nipples and fucking her dripping wet pussy with her new 8" vibe. She was loving every inch of that toy and i loved watching her squirm using it. As i handed the toy over to her, i slid my throbbing cock slowly and deeply into her tight hot ass. I could feel the vibe shaking wildly in her flowing pussy while my cock pounded her tight ass. The vibrations from the vibe and me pounding her hot asshole brought her to a loud orgasm. We were both moaning in ecstasy as i grabbed a toy she bought for me and i slid it into my ass without her knowing. The pressure it put on my cock was intense and i unleashed a huge explosion of hot creamy cum deep inside of her!!!!

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