planning a sex party what not to do...  

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7/17/2005 9:01 am

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planning a sex party what not to do...

If you are not an organized person, don't try to plan a sex party for 20 people because you will not do a very good job of it and will end up making a lot of people waste their time.

Don't expect everyone that says they will show up to show up, shit happens and sometimes people just don't show so it is a good idea to have a number or email you are wlling to give out for those that are still coming as of the day of the party.

Don't just stop giving out information on the party site and date 1 week before the planed event, people become unsure if the party is even going to happen when they are not being given some kind of feedback.

If the party is for "regulars" or " newbies" only, say so when you start advertising the party, it saves a lot of headaches and unwanted emails.

If you are not sure about the date you want to have a party, don't start advertising it until you are. What is worse than a host advertising a party and then being unable to come?

Don't advertise a party 3 days before you try to have it, it takes nearly 2 days just to get the message up in the message rooms lol so unless you have a prearranged group of people or a list of sure thing's then you have to give ample time for people to hear about and respond to any suggestion of a party.

If it is a specific type of swingers party you should definitly tell everyone invited, it might be a litle awkward if no one knows your party is for only bisexual people until the time they get there. Even if that is the forum it is advertised in, be sure to state the nature of the party so everyone will know, we have all had experience with the members that respond to EVERYTHING just because, usually without even reading it.

example 24 year old asian woman who wants black men between the ages of 25 and 35 for one night stand gets a reply from a 96 year old white male looking for a wife to scrape his bunions.....

If you are hosting the party and you want people to bring things, make sure you say so in your invitation, if you don't say everyone bring something then you can't really expect anyone to bring anything other than their sexual desires. the same goes for rooms, if you are planning to pay for the rooms or are collecting partial charges from everyone that comes, make sure you say so.

ok that is my list of major don't for throwing a sex party, there are dozens of others but i felt that the ones mentioned above were the most important.

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