live webcam shows this week, MAY 25, 2005, feel free to watch  

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5/23/2005 8:13 am

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live webcam shows this week, MAY 25, 2005, feel free to watch

OK I have a friend staying over with me this week and she is a bit of a showoff when it comes to sex, into exhibition and all that. Fortunately I'm sort of a fuck anywhere at any time guy so it works out pretty good for us both when we get together. We will be doing a series of online fucking shows starting Wednesday (both afternoon nights and late nights/early mornings) so if you want to watch let me know, I'll try to post the times with a little advanced warning but as you understand fucking on a schedule is difficult when you have the option of just grabbing her tossing her over a chair and humping her brains out whenever you want
That's her in the picture.
You can see more pictures of us on the Carnal_d_lites name we made on this site as well, we will be taking requests if there is something you want to see respond to this bolgging blog or if I can broadcast and have the messenger open without crashing you can send requests and comments during the show(s).

ButterflyVenita 52F
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5/23/2005 8:06 pm

Oh cool I get to be on live webcam? YAY!!!!! I'm looking forward to being done 9 ways to Sunday with everybody watching. Wicked evil grins, rubbing my hands together in anticipation.....

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5/23/2005 9:16 pm

Quit reading my evil intentions for you you lil sex perv lol

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