Voting on pictures, what exactly is the point???  

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5/23/2005 8:46 am

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Voting on pictures, what exactly is the point???

Exactly what is the point of rating the pictures people post? is it to make an already self-conscious society even more worried about the percieved images that other people have of them? Is it to make the people with the most clearly taken photographs feel better about the pictures thay have up? Or is it a way of nonverbally telling someone 'You are not attractive, take that goddamn picture off your profile right now".

No matter what the reason I think the picture voting this is a bad idea since the higher votes on your picture don't get you any points or anything like that which is why I didn't post a picture for this blogging blog.

now go vote on my profile pictures lol

ButterflyVenita 52F
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5/23/2005 7:57 pm

I couldn't agree more. There is no point in voting on the pictures. If I see a pic that I like, I might contact the person. Or if they contacted me first and I like their pic, I might respond. No guarantees. I have turned the voting "off" on my profile recently due to similar thoughts. But to me the voting is pointless; either contact/respond or don't, your choice.

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