my conversation with a wacko running for governor of FL  

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my conversation with a wacko running for governor of FL

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I was out in town running an errand at about 8pm. After I finished my errands, I decided to drive down to the riverfront to see how good the people shrimping were doing. At about 8:45pm, what looked like a retired state trooper car pulled into the parking lot and this average looking person (later to be known as Karl) emerged from the car. He made a beeline right toward me (I was in a crowd of people mind you). He immediately started talking to me as if I knew him and had been waiting on him. He started talking about his Mexican son who was only 11 years old and didn’t know anything except how to fight because Karl was in the Special Forces for 2 years and taught him.

He got to talking about how (expletives removed) the government was ruining his country, and he got to talking about crooked cops and judges and lawyers, he got to talking how he likes to smell marijuana once in a while. He was telling me about his buddies that are KKK members, just cursing up a storm on everything and talking all of this anti-government talk to a nearly terrorist manner. We were surrounded by people, including little kids that heard all this stuff that Karl was saying.

He was explaining the best way to kill a cop is to shoot them in the balls because they walk around as if they are bad-butts with their vests, but their balls are unprotected. He told me how he was a licensed engineer and talked about how poor the engineering is around here, talked about how and where to kill people, how many people he had threatened to kill (including city/county officials, newspaper people, etc) and how he would get his Special Forces buddies to do personal Sniper favors. He detailed on how he would use explosives to “get revenge” on the people who he believes have screwed him.

Oh and here’s the kicker, he claims to have invented a working perpetual motion machine using magnets and a new paint he engineered that does something to magnetic fields (he explained it to me, but it was too technical for me to understand enough to repeat).

He detailed how he was going to change the laws, and anyone who slandered his name or did him wrong in his past, he was going to have killed as a terrorist. At this point, he finally took his first breath to shut up and I figured he was some guy just slandering the real Karl Behm’s name, so I asked if he could prove he was who he was and he produced a drivers license.

He told how he would change the justice system, and his detailing of that basically involved lots of killing people and killing judges. He named several local names and told how he was going to deal with them, probably having them killed.

I made up an excuse and said I had to leave and proceeded to walk back down the public dock and back to my vehicle; he followed. Me still not too sure about this guy, I did not walk to my truck because I didn’t want him to know which vehicle was mine. Since the parking lot was rather empty, that involved me walking around or just standing there.

He caught up with me and started talking about gun laws he would change and asked me what I would like to see changed. I spoke to him about child custody laws and then about concealed carry laws. I expressed the general feelings about open carry, and the safety in numbers of licensed concealed carriers, my feelings toward the off-limits areas, and even mentioned lifetime permits. He then just asked me “what kind of peashooter do you carry?”

I don’t know why I answered, but I said a Beretta .40 caliber. He then asked to see it and I declined. He asked me why and I said I would not brandish a weapon. He looked around with a disgusted look on his face and said “brandishing?! TO WHO?! Who is out here?” I then expressed that it doesn’t matter, I’m in a public place and it’s against my better judgment.

He then proceeded to his car and was showing me the picket signs he had, advertising his campaign, and started handing me literature (which I have scanned and converted to .pdf format). At this time he started talking about his time in Vietnam, and he was part of the whole conspiracy theorist group about how the 9/11 was an internal job by our government and went on this long spill on that.

He is obsessed with anti-government, killing officials, and he hates the president. He never came out and said it but I believe he wants the president (and his brother) killed too; he beat around the bush about it quite a bit.

I’m telling you, this guy’s elevator doesn’t even leave the first floor. Do NOT elect this man governor. He is the strangest man I’ve EVER met and frankly I’m scared to see someone like this in any position of power.

Ok well the site wont let me post a URL to the PDF file but lets just say it's FULL of typos, grammatical errors, and just poorly structured at that.

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