lost my little girl  

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8/28/2006 6:40 pm

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lost my little girl

So me and this girl were dating very seriously. She had moved in with me and we were actually planning out our life. Everything fit together so perfectly, we just knew we had found the one for each other.

We planned a kid and made one, she is currently 5.5 months pregnant with my little daughter. Thursday, the 17th of August was her (Nicole) birthday. We dropped her 4yr old son off at her dad's house for the weekend thursday morning. We went through a few fences during the evening and had wild sex in the back of my truck on a bombing range which has a big hill at one end where we drove to afterwards to watch the sunset. The day was beautiful and there was nowhere else I'd rather been.

We stayed there til 2am, talking, holding each other and all that. Nicole's family and friends had gotten tired of talking to her because all she could do was just say how lucky she was and how happy she was to be with me and all that jazz.

We went back home and when I woke up later that friday morning at 9am, she was gone. I called her parents and her few best friends but nobody knew anything.

So I start freaking out now. I call the sheriff's dept and file a missing persons report. They said they can go ahead and fill out the paperwork but they can't submit it until she's been missing for 24 hours. So her family and friends came over to my place and we had a little pow-wow. We were researching public records on her ex's and calling them to see if they knew anything, but to no avail.

Well the next morning I got the report filed and law enforcement came and took statements. They immediately got HRS involved since she left her 4yr old son behind. We're thinking she's kidnapped, or worse.. ya know?

so long story short, HRS finds her yesterday (27th) and says that she appears to be half-assed on her feet, they are not at liberty to tell me where she is or how to get ahold of her (although they did say she was with one of her ex's).. and come december 7th (due date), if she's a fit mother, I can't get custody of my daughter and I'm not even guaranteed visitation rights, it's all up to Nicole.

Nicole's son jayson, she kinda did this to him too. Jayson's dad has never seen Jayson ever.

so I sit here every night and say a prayer to myself that maybe my unborn daughter will have a deep down feeling that she does have a caring father and he does love her.

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9/6/2006 3:23 pm

~ nodz ~ in agreement with shyvixen....

~ sighz ~ sum peepz....

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9/6/2006 6:12 pm

That is so very sad... I am sorry for what you and her son are going through.


MaggiesWishes 59F

9/11/2006 10:17 am

It's stories like this, men like you, that give some lucky lady a hopeful life with you.
Hang in there.
Warm wishes to you and for your "unborn" daughter.

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9/19/2006 1:42 pm

i know it's tuff..and it gets tuffer... but you sound like you can make it.



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