Saturday Night  

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8/8/2005 5:52 pm

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Saturday Night

Saturday night, a night for most to go out and party. I forgot what that was like for 6 years until last Sat night.

Some friends of mine drug me out of the house to a local club downtown. We chatted for awhile then a few of them decided to hit the dance floor. Of course they drug me out there, not wanting to dance as I think that I dance like a white boy. Anyway, I get out there and start dancing with one of my friends (female type) and her friends that came along with us.

While I was dancing with them we got a lot closer than I expected to and next thing I knew we were grinding on each other like a couple in heat. One of her friends came up behind me and I was sandwhiched between the two of them. What a rush.

So we're rubbing and touching each other through the night. Of course I completly forgot that one of the girls I was dancing with, her fiance' was there. Apparently he got a little jealouse but then again shouldn't he have been on the dance floor?

The night goes on and she starts kissing me, holding hands grabbing ass and light petting between the two of us. Anyway the club is closing lights on so we walk out onto the street heading back to the cars. She tells me thank you for a great time and if it weren't for the fact that she had a fiance' and I'm still married perhaps things would be different.

As for her friends, I received the same reply.

I had more action that night than in quite some time.

Perhaps they'll drag me out again and it'll lead to a different ending. Who knew that I still had it in me to flirt and play?

LookingForBig2 45M/39F

8/9/2005 8:23 pm

your so cute honey, would love to grind with you when you get here and I know the ending will be very different. All men love to touch and when that starts everything else becomes a blurr and only with the right timing can more become of it.
Love to you always, Kendall

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