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8/3/2005 8:27 pm

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I was at the elevator at work today waiting for what seemed forever, but was closer to 5 minutes. There was another person waiting there with me. We both get on (at the 5th floor). I push the 1st floor, the other individual the 4th she gets out. Then the elevator stops at the 2nd floor a few more people get in and everyone leaves on the 1st.

Is it my imagination or is our society that lazy that we can not walk down one flight of stairs in an office building. But most people want a 2 story house. Do these people have elevators in their houses? Do they still wait 5 minutes for their elevator to go up or down one floor?

Just curious. Why can't we take those stairs burn those calories that none of us want in our body and take the trip up or down 20 or less stairs.

Any thoughts?

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