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1/17/2006 8:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Have you missed me? I have sure missed you,
You have no idea how happy it makes me when you visit my BLOG.
It reveals to me your interest in my thoughts, I find that sexy.
I do apologize for not giving you anything new to read or look at.
I have been a bit caught up but made a little bit of time to log on and leave a little note.
Everything is well in my world how about for you?
How are you?

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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1/17/2006 8:55 pm

ah, she posts! i was beginning to worry. . .

Luv2PleaseU4days 55M
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1/17/2006 9:57 pm

Damn gurl, that is a mighty delicious ass you have there!!! I would love to make your kitty purrrrrrr!!!!!


1/17/2006 11:06 pm

Snatchie Poo
Oh my sweet Snatchie poo.....worry no more love that is exactly why I just had to leave a little something for my sweets.
Have you been on anymore walks?
Thank you for being a sweetheart.

Mr Luv
a little premature for such delight but thank you anyway.

Leykisfan101 46M
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1/18/2006 7:28 am

I am glad to read that you are in good health and spirits.

All is well with me also. I have my health, my family, and my friends. There is nothing more that I would need.

Dream of you soon!



1/18/2006 9:06 am

Hey Miss Kinque!

How could I not miss you! It's not possible to not miss you.

Things are good enough for me and my long but steady upswing from my lowest of lows keeps picking up and that can't be anything but good.

So where were you 12 years ago? That was not my "scrape with the bottom" but was the anniversary of that gigantic Northridge quake. I was in the slums of Beverly Hills at that time right across from Hamilton High.

Hamilton High has some history in the TV business as many of the exterior shots from that ancient show called Room 222 were shot there. Probably before your time. Karen Valentine was the fem star of that one.

I will swim today or die trying!!!!!!!


PS. I discoverd a new motherlode of Holiday Tamales that I'd somehow forgotten about in the freezer so now I'm going to really have to get active if I don't want to pack on a winter "spare tire".


mrorgasm4you04 56M

1/18/2006 3:32 pm

My Dearest KINK

whenever you are gone... I miss you. But that is soon remedied, when we speak again.

A thing of beauty, is a joy forever.

You brighten my day when we talk.

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1/19/2006 7:35 am

Missed you miss! glad to see you're doing well, I'm sorry you haven't been written into the jason friday the thirteenth post, but you are just too fine to kill off like that. Me? I'm adjusting well to taking over HornyViking's life. He didn't have too many friends so there aren't too many to convince or dissapear. Kinda sad for him though, but on a brighter note, my new credit score is awesome!

Til next time, Stay Fly ^_^

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1/19/2006 7:39 am

oops I never read that other part you replied to... sorry for freaking you out with that, only intended for laughs, k?

MyRealLoverOne 46M

1/19/2006 5:54 pm

Very well my dear. It is so nice to hear from you.


1/20/2006 3:10 pm

It is always great to hear that a friend is doing well.

12Yrs ago I was in a completely different world, one where the only thing to worry about were outfits and a bran new Chihuahua puppy I had just got as a present. As for the Quake, I recall that evening clearly because it was in the P.M. when it happen. It was pretty scary for me.
I love the film trivia you threw in there.
As for the Tamales, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Mr O
Thank you Mr O, you are quite the conversationalist your self.

I think it is fab that you embrace Jason Voorhees so, I have a love/terrified relationship with him my self.
Play on for only the dull lack imagination darling.
I was not that freaked up but it did so happen to be around Friday the 13th and you do not even want to know, I am a horror film buff.

Mr Real,

Sorceror07 54M

1/21/2006 8:44 am

short vacations are nice once in a while and shouldn't be cause for concern welcome back from yours and i hope all is well. things are very well in my part of the world, thanks for asking

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

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1/21/2006 4:49 pm

So you're a horror film buff? yet another reason to daydream about the wonderfully lovely MISS_KINK ^_^

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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1/22/2006 9:56 pm

yes i did get a wonderful walk in a few days ago, but,when are you coming back?


1/24/2006 5:33 am

I am glad to read that all is well for you, thank you for visiting.

Mr Viking,
Yes, I love Horror films. I usually go hiking every other day, My hike a few weeks ago fell on Friday the 13th.
I actually drove to Griffith Park for that hike and did my warm ups as I began to make my way up the mountain I began to feel this freaky scared feeling in my tummy and the flashbacks of your Friday the 13th blog entry did not help......I quickly turned around and ran to my car very a la Benny Hill.
Viking, thank you for the rush

Sexy Snatchie,
I had a great hike yesterday,how are you?

rm_bigchoklatdk 45M

2/2/2006 9:59 am

Obviously have been missin' u. Wish I knew u were hear all this time!! Would've been checkin' u out more frequently, but to use my favorite "Terminator" quote...................."I'LL BE BACK"!!! Holla.

rajamemek 38M
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2/9/2006 3:08 pm

And damm it is not going to be very exciting. I am so, so bored and all alone tonight. I have loads of work that really has to be done before tomorrow but I really don't feel like it. I am far, far too sexually aroused tonight to be able to think of anything else other than sex, and there is not any hope of that tonight. Living in the west java of Indonesia has its benefits but it is so quiet and so closed minded. I only joined the site a few weeks ago and yes I have had some attention but there are some girls who I would really, really love to hear from who just don't bother.

gnr8nrg 46M

11/28/2006 5:15 pm

I will miss reading your thoughts in your PRETTY BLOGGY.

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