Tales Of A Numb Lip  

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7/30/2005 9:36 pm

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Tales Of A Numb Lip


I was going to write this and spell the words like I was trying to talk with a numb lip, but that's TOO MUCH work. I'll just tell it like it is. Isn't that what The Goddess does best!?

I had the pleasure of meeting someone tonight! WOW--Boy DID I EVER have the pleasure!

Now, first off, lemme say it's that dreaded time of the month again..*sigh* I can't stand it. I hate it. If you've been a Covert Ops Blog follower, you know this.

So anyhow, I tried to look up his profile, because we met here, but evidently he no longer belongs to this site. I don't have his permission (YET!) to blog about him, so for all intents and purposes, tonight we'll call him "Toni".

"T" and I have been chatting and emailing and all that for a couple months now. He seemed hesitant to meet me, but promised he would. He finally caved tonight when I caught him in a mood and invited him to come visit me @ work for one of my fabulous famous blow jobs. I've told you all before that I have a job that affords me the luxury of visitors. I try to take advantage of it when I can, but believe, me that's NOT very often.

So, he calls me when he gets here like he promised he would. JOY! HE FOLLOWED THROUGH! I find his car and lead him to my Secluded Playground. Mmmm-he's tall..looks good...SMELLS good..khaki shorts and a black tank top that shows off the "I've been in the gym" physique. I'm already wanting more than JUST a blow job from him!!!! I straddle him on the leather couch...his lips are soft and wet...his tongue is firm--Oh GOD he's caressing my upper arms and he's STRONG. I LOVE it when a man gets a little rough with me! I whip out my girls and let him suck and lick a bit...WOAH! Not too much of that "T" - I've already got quivering thighs! I reassure him there's no need to be nervous, then I ask him if he's got something for me. He says he does...I am so tall I am able to stand up, still bent over kissing those sweet lips while he eases his shorts down. I drop to my knees.

OH. MY. GAWD!!!!! I try to take him into my hand to stroke him, but my hand will not close around this COKE CAN of a cock...my goodness. So I started giving all I had for this big fella. I swear his cock was so thick that it was like 2 dicks side by side. Nice smooth tip. Not SO long, but because of the girth, I still couldn't get the WHOLE thing into the back of my hot, hungry throat. I would say I could take 6" of it all the way back. In a way I still think that impressed him I can see where a man with a dick like that could always be looking for the right woman to give him a satisfying blow job. Most women probably only lick and suck the tip of the iceberg, but I am always up for a challenge!

Then I pulled his shirt up and discovered 2 pierced nipples..!!!! I think I almost came right there. I had to do my licking and sucking there, too. I hope he liked that. I think pierced nips on a guy is SOOO HOT! OMG! I wish more of the little boys around HERE would do that. I'd have to bring a clean dry uniform to change into if they did!

Alittle more than half way through, my lip did start to lose its grip.I was sweating, NOT because it was HOT, but because *I* was hot...I asked him if he wanted to fuck and he told me he didn't bring a condom. I offered bareback (THAT would feel awesome!) but we both decided it wasn't such a great idea on the initial meeting. I quit trying so hard and let him just use his hips and my mouth to find the right "spot". Within a few minutes, he came. I could tell when he was going to--I just love it right before a man comes. There's those faint whimpers as his breathing speeds, his toes curl, and his eyes are fluttering and rolling back in his head right before the release. Such a HOT moment!

So, he came, I looked him in the eye as I swallowed his hot and yummy (really!) load. We talked a little more and he reassured me that he would definitely be in touch. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn't, but I am thoroughly impressed with him thus far. Such a hot little piece!

And I can SWEAR that if he does keep in touch that he will NOT be sorry. I will welcome him into The Stable and make anice little place for him to nuzzle wherever he wants to...but he's gotta call me first. Hopefully there will be a part II to this post!?

That's all up to "T"

sadock76 44M

8/7/2005 9:51 pm

I hope so too, luv. Ahh, fond memories. I remember my first time with you. We went to that leather couch as well. Shame I'll never get to come in your mouth but I wish you the best of luck with "Toni."

MILFGoddess 44F

8/8/2005 4:57 pm

You're so mean...quit reminding me that those things will never happen

sadock76 44M

8/10/2005 8:57 pm

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean, really. I do keep up with your blog though. Maybe it's better if I refrain from commenting from now on. I did just post one on your latest, but I guess that will be my last............

MILFGoddess 44F

8/11/2005 8:52 pm

No it's OK..feel free to speak your mind.

But just know this: the "meaningless sex" we had...wasn't so meaningless to me.

sadock76 44M

8/13/2005 11:10 pm

I'm well aware luv. You're eyes told a much different truth than what your mouth said

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