Playing With Fire  

MILFGoddess 44F
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5/27/2005 5:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Playing With Fire I've been seeing someone for a little while now. Met him here. He asked NOT to have his name in here because like me, he's married and he thinks his wife is onto him. So I am respecting those wishes.

Here's my conundrum...he's making it REALLY hard for me. I am starting to LIKE him. And I don't mean LIKE as in, "I LIKE to fuck you from time to time," but rather, "I like you and am starting to care about you." This is NOT good. I mean it's good that I am compassionate and caring (not too many people are these days if you stop and think about it!) but I just can't do that. I DO LOVE MY HUSBAND--and I don't want ANY remarks about cheating or whatever--keep it to yourself and save the bullshit. I don't wanna hear it. I have my reasons why I do what I do. And I don't need comments from the Fornicating Peanut Gallery--ESPECIALLY those of you doing the same thing. There will be NO pot calling the kettle black in my blog.

The sex is AWESOME--I cum EVERY single time. He is great; sweet, funny, good conversationalist. I like spending time with him--even when we're NOT fucking, we can hang out and chat and so forth. I just think that if we become too close of friends, the fucking will just mess it all up!

Has anyone else ever had this happen here on AdultFriendFinder or partner sites? Met someone and lost your fucking mind, even though you made a promise to yourself that when you joined, you weren't going to!? You can tell me about your experience and what you did--BUT LEAVE MY MARRIAGE OUT OF THIS. I will ban all comments that refer to my marriage in any way.

Just curious to know if anyone ever got in over their heads --or in my case--GOT BURNED, while playing with fire?

DirtyLilSecret66 55F

5/27/2005 6:45 pm

Yep, had it happen ... it's like heaven and hell all at the same time. Thoroughly enjoying how your heart feels for the moment, yet that see-saw feeling like a tug-of-war contest.

If you're ever truly interested, email me. I've got a couple of scorch marks I can tell you about.


LustGoddess2469 50F  
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5/27/2005 6:53 pm

Oh MILF, I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. If and when you get a chance, please read my blog. I am going through the same thing with someone I met through here, and I have recently made the decision that I want more than just a f*ck buddy now. I got his first email back on April 2nd, so if you read my posts from that point on, you'll see what I've been going through. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for me.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do. Ultimately, you are the one that has to decide what to do.


Puurple_Passions 46M/39F
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5/27/2005 6:57 pm

yikes!! This is a hardone, but I can totally relate. I met my husband on a chat site, not this one.. but another adult site. I was in a very bad and abusive marriage then and I wasn't looking for a reason to get out of it, just a friend... someone to talk to about things. I met R and he became my friend, my confidant, a source of stability and emotional support. When he told me that he was starting to develop feelings for me other than friendship and that he worried himself sick every day about me it scared me. I realized that I was starting to feel things for him as well. We met and saw each other from time to time but nothing physical happened until after I separated from my first husband. But meeting R in person meant that I was wanting to solidify this friendship in a way that I never expected to want to do. So even though nothing physical happened until much later I was still having an affair of the heart of sorts. We've been together now for 5 years, married for almost three. He stood by me through a divorce and a nasty custody battle. He's been my rock, and at times the only light at the end of the tunnel to be found. We're best friends, lovers, swingers and Soulmates to the end. So things worked out for us in the end. But things could have gone the other way which would have been devistating. I hope whatever your future holds that happiness follows! Everyone deserves that, no matter what.

007sexy40plus 51F  
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5/27/2005 7:15 pm

Damn, are you my clone? I am there with you..I am feeling you...

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

rm_indul_gent1 55M
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5/28/2005 6:16 am

I know EXACTLY how you feel and what you're going through. After 15 years of marriage I started looking outside my home to fulfill certain aspects of my life that were lacking. I met someone online, we started chatting, then talking on the phone. We have so much in common and we connected in a way I hadn't experienced before. She's an impossibly long way away and the distance is the only thing that kept us from consummating our desires ... last year I flew out to meet her ... and it was everything I hoped it would be ... more even. We can talk about anything, everything and the sex was extraordinary. Now neither of us is sure of how we'll deal with it. I think I'm in love, she's talked about the deterioration of her marriage and has had to see a therapist to help her sort out some of her feelings. We both said from the beginning that we'd never leave our spouses, we each have children, we both love our partners ... but there's no denying how we feel about each other. I don't know how this will end. I will never regret meeting her but I'm struck by the irony of all of this. We both got exactly what we thought we were looking for and it's made our lives better and worse all at once. Good luck to you ... I sympathize completely.

elizaxxxxxbeth 54F

6/3/2005 12:17 am

Dealing with that right now. After many many years in a sexless marraige, I joined a "group" of people who play in an orgy setting. I purposely chose that kind of group, even though I had never swung before, because I felt there would be less emotional involvement.

Well one night in January this stunning black man, joins our table at the PreParty get together. I had this instant attraction to him, then later when we played together it was like the rest of the group just melted away and he and I were the only ones there. It was beyond sex, it was sensual and highly erotic, but it was almost like two souls melding into one. I thought oh boy I need to keep that thought to myself. He contacted me immediately following the party ,because he couldnt stop thinking of me either. I am married(and wanting to stay that way), he is in a long term relationship. I am white and he is black, I am older he is younger, never in a million years would I have thought I would meet someone soo different, in such a setting and actually FALL for him. For awhile we tried to just tell ourselves it was good sex, but finally we both admitted we felt something more. We have only physically met that ONE time, as he lives on the East Coast.

BUT he is back in town for the weekend and we are spending Saturday together for as many hours as we can get away with. I am overwhelmed by the anticipation but also of the fear that this time I wont be able to let him go. I am almost hoping that all this ENERGY between us, fizzles when we finally meet again.

But I know we are just kidding ourselves....

MILFGoddess 44F

6/11/2005 10:40 am

Wow...well I guess in a "fucked up" kinda way, I am glad I am not the only one. My thing with "M" hasn't gotten far enough that I have to make a decision YET...I am just taking it one day at a time. That's a little something I learned when I was in therapy/recovery from cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma). One day at a time....

Thanks for sharing your stories, Fellow Bloggers! I appreciate it!

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