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6/20/2005 12:36 am

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It was a year ago today that I met "D". "D" is my Birthday Buddy, too. Both our birthdays are the same day. He's funny. He's charming. He's an excellent lover. He's got THOSE EYES that just bore into you straight down to the pit of your soul and touch you in a way that says, "In a special way, we were meant to be somehow always connected."

He was my FIRST cyber crush. 18 days later, we met. July 7, 2004. I drove to Phoenix. Did some shopping. Got a hotel room and called him up. It was THE MOST WONDERFUL afternoon I've ever spent with someone. I felt like I had known him forever...that we we just comparing our souls. SO relaxed. So comfortable. So natural.

But alas, we are promised to others. So we never acted much on it. I've seen him one time since then (11/17/05 - I am, like, RAINMAN with dates, people...get used to it). It was wonderful. I told him that even though we had our separate lives that he will always have a special place in my heart. The couple of times we've been on IM together THIS YEAR ()he HAS mentioned that he thinks of me all the time and there's still all the huggy and kissy emoticons and the sexual innuendo that we are BOTH so very good at. He's so sweet and sexy.

He told me something the other day during an IM chat that really stunned me. I knew him and the wife have been trying the swinger thing. He told me about something that happened and that he's pretty sure things with the Mrs are over for this one reason. I wish I were that reason.

Anyhow. He's STILL pretty special to me. I consider him a good friend...and so much more. So much more. I think I am a little too late for 7/7/05, but I can always hope, pray and shoot for 7/7/06!

Love ya, Babe. Thanks for being YOU

MILFGoddess 44F

6/21/2005 8:43 pm

Oh forget about "under my skin"...he's IN MY BLOOD! I've proposed a lunch date sometime soon...hopefully that will end up across the street from the restaurant @ the Motel 6 again! LOL!

sadock76 44M

6/26/2005 10:16 pm

I'm sure you'll have NO problem getting him across the street luv.

And then........... /8 =8 \8

followed by >>! and happyf;

and then hopefully you have some time to cuddle afterwards!!

Best of luck!

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