Just Between You and Me.....  

MILFGoddess 44F
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6/10/2005 7:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just Between You and Me.....

I'm back in the social swing of things! Woo hoo! I feel like some sort of FIREFIGHTER or something...I work 3 weeks on, 1 week off....LOL!

Spent the evening last night with "M". He deleted his profile off here. He said this was a joke. But that he was just LUCKY that he met me on here. Aww how sweet. I reassured him, that indeed, HE was the lucky one LOL--but then again, I am too. He's incredible. It's so nice to feel touches that aren't empty and uncaring.

*MILFGoddess sighs in contentment*

I love looking into his eyes. I love making him smile. I love the way he caresses my back and cuddles me post-coitus....the way he nuzzles his nose in my hair and inhales my aroma. The way he nuzzles the same nose on my eralobe when he holds me tight. It all feels so good. I can't wait until I see him again in a few days like we've planned.

Don't think I am goin' soft on ya here, but sometimes, that just feels good and comforting. And even if there's no way that "M" and I can ever BE together, then I guess everything will have to stay just between me and him.

From now on, everytime I hear "Just Between You And Me" by April Wine, it'sgonna bring him to mind.

I am incredibly corny and sappy that way.

Deal with it.

MfDyver71 45M
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6/10/2005 10:01 pm

... he is lucky... you look hot from in your pic...

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