I Spoke Too Soon  

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6/14/2005 10:35 am

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I Spoke Too Soon

Referring back to my post on 6/10/05 ("Just Between You And Me" )...I spoke WAYYY too soon on that one!

I woke up Sunday to an email from "M"(he would be givthedogabone who posted the really NICE testimonial on my profile then cancelled his membership because "AdultFriendFinder is a joke"...pssshhhh...whateva!). I won't go into details, but basically I got kicked to the curb. He suddenly developed a CONSCIENCE. Oh PUH-LEEZ. "I feel awful for what I've done but I am glad I met you". Wha.....??? And now I can't get a response out of him. Whatever.

I think I am a little more mad @ MYSELF than I am @ "M". I am not a very trusting person by nature. Hey--you get burned one too many times and you LEARN NOT to play with matches. But anyhow, I was vulnerable with him for a split second and he managed to weasel his way past my emotional barricades. Not too many men (or women for that matter!) can do that. I trusted in him and confided in him and I wouldn't have done that if I would have known he would cast me aside even on a platonic level. I wasn't trying to break up his marriage and he wasn't trying to break up mine. We would just "hide away" in our little quiet corner from time to time...whispering thoughts and feelings to eachother so no one else could hear, wrapped around eachother tightly, caressing, cuddling, savoring.

BAH! I guess that's what I get for giving into that mushy emotional romantic BULLSHIT....with the wrong person.

Time to repair The Wall. No one else is getting in. Not now, not ever. If you're already in, so be it, but no further infiltration of my heart will be allowed nor tolerated.

(Damn, I TALK a good game, huh!?!?!?!)

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