How Did I Know THAT Was Going To Happen?  

MILFGoddess 44F
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6/2/2005 10:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How Did I Know THAT Was Going To Happen?

I didn't get SHIT last night.

Ze-motherfuckin'-ro! Zip! Zilch! No dick for me.

"J" chickened out on me. I knew he would. He's way too religious sometimes for his own damned good. He's cheating on his wife and betraying his faith. I mean, he sins so much, that if it was something you could clean up, you'd have to use a mop and bucket. Screw that noise. I pretty much told him last night that unless he grew a set, that it was going to be ANOTHER YEAR before he got to fuck me. I just can't stand Bible Thumpers with a CONSCIENCE! Pssshh....

And 76ElCaminohad his reasons he couldn't show up...last night AND tonight. It's so frustrating, too, because he LITERALLY lives right around the corner from me. I mean COME ON...come see's not like I am going to let you stay for hours on end...just hit and quit it's all good. (Of course I wouldn't be saying that if he didn't have SUCH an impressive cock! He DOES have THAT going for him!) He's only got 23 days of freedom left...soemthing's gotta give! I'll keep y'all posted.

Oh least last night wasn't a total usual, I took care of myself. At least after I do that, I don't have to get out of bed...just roll over and zzzzz......

(I swear I should have been a man! )

ripe1974 42M
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6/3/2005 9:11 am

Not only are the men complaining about not getting laid, the women also. Something is seriously wrong here.

MILFGoddess 44F

6/3/2005 6:55 pm

Well the getting laid part is usually not a problem for me, Ripe. It's choosing which partner and that night I KNEW it sounded too good to be true. Especially When Bible Boy started back peddling on me. Grrr...oh well...we can't always get what we want, and being patient will come back to me

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