Heaven Is An Orgasm....  

MILFGoddess 44F
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5/12/2005 10:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Heaven Is An Orgasm....

Let me be the one to love you baby
Cause I know just what you need
And there's no way,
no way I'm gonna let you go now
Come on and hold me in your arms, baby
I know what you need, and I need you
Give me what I'm asking for
I love the things you do
Oh, I feel so alive

Slide on down beside me baby
I wanna feel your ecstasy, oh
And no one or nothing can ever tear us apart
Cause right now I wanna feel your love in me
Put your hands on me, and don't let go
I'll do anything no one did before
Oh, I feel so alive, with ya baby, with ya baby
Oh, I feel so alive

Can't wait to see you again, Babe!

P.S My posted "mood" DOESN'T mean for FOOD, either ...rowr!

Puurple_Passions 46M/39F
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5/12/2005 11:17 pm

NICE!!!!!! Very nice!!! I'm lovin' this!!

sadock76 44M

5/14/2005 8:02 am

So did you actually go out and buy "Heaven is an Orgasm?" I know I didn't give you "Feel So Alive." But I'm SOOOO happy that you're liking Lords of Acid. Maybe we can listen to them next time we're having fun together, hmmmm?

MILFGoddess 44F

5/14/2005 3:33 pm

No, I downloaded it....LEGALLY, mind you. And we can listen to anything you want next time we're having fun but I think my favorite thing to hear is when you sigh and shudder as I run my finger nails up and down your flanks....

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