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6/18/2005 11:59 pm

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Happy Daddy

Happy Father's Day to all the DILFs out there! (JK!)

First off, let me say that I am glad my husband (however oblivious he may be to my "double life") is the father of my 2 daughters. He ain't much in bed anymore, but he's a GREAT Dad. I am grateful to him for that. He takes care of them, spends time with them and they respect and look up to him. I don't think I could ask for more.

Secondly, I am glad MY DAD is MY DAD. He'd probably shit a purple Tweenkie if he ever knew about my "double life". LOL. But I think he'd understand - after all, he admitted to me earlier this year that back in the 80s he was tom-cattin' around on my Mom (as well as she crept around on him!). Anyhow, he's the only Daddy I got and he might not be perfect, but he's pretty damned cool. I turned out like I did and he's pretty proud (with the exception of something like this and the PHOTOS that go along with it! Yikes!) of his accomplishments as a parent. We tight, me and "Ed."

And last but not least, if you're not a Dad yet...or you're soon to be a Dad...or your Dad has left this world...fear not; this is a day for you too. Imagine what being a father to someone who loves you unconditionally (well until they get to be TEENAGERS!) will be like. Remember your Dad in your own special way if he's no longer with us. And guys--don't forget to think of the woman who made you a Dad...even if she is/was a total bitch, there was something there once between the 2 of you and that can be remembered...don't cuss a failed relationship; smile because it happened.

Now, get off the computer and go spend some time with your kids.

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