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6/3/2006 4:21 pm

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Hey my large cocked little boy toy:
Hope you are doing well today and having some fun...i also hope you have thought about how i want to fuck your dick raw and slap you around a little bit..I am so horny today..i had to go get a pedicure and manicure just to take my mind off of my pussy...I sure wish i had your cock in my mouth..i never get to suck dick bf doesnt really get into that much - i guess bc he's too lazy to eat my cunt so he figures if he doesnt go down on me then i wont do him either...well, guess what??? if he wont suck on my clit and finger fuck my ass and tight hole, then YOU WILL, Won't you???
I thought about calling you today so you could hear my hot voice...If you have voice mail, I will leave you a message of me mastubating so you can hear how hard i come sometimes....I was at the mall today and i thought of how i would love to have some ass play with you..i thought about your shoving your fat cock into my cunt getting it really wet, then ever so slightly shoving the tip into my asshole. hmmm..even writing this makes my pussy ache a little..its been so long since i've had something shoved into...i need to find a rich lover so i can quit work and just sit home and fuck all day...that would be nice!!
I also thought of how I want to dominate your ass and how when i'm riding on you fat cock, i'll slap you face when i'm coming hard just so you'll know who your real fuck momma is! I'm going to pull your hair and ears all the way down to my wet sloppy cunt and force you to suck my sweet juices...I bet those little 20 year old whores wont fuck you the way i do...i bet they don't have the skills to make your dick come so hard that it hits the wall when you shoot it...i love doing that..i am thinking about sucking your cock and balls so much that i let you shoot your load all over my face and in my mouth...then i'll lick you dick and balls clean so you can start fucking me all over again..and guess what else? when you need a break from all the fucking i will tie your ass up and fuck you senseless again...this time i may even let you ass me really hard - only stopping to take your dick out and lick it clean so i can taste my sweet ass juice mixed with my wet pussy and your cock sweat...hmmm...i can see it shoving that fat hard dick into my mouth pushing it slowly between my full red lips...I think I forget to tell you how full and soft my lips are - just perfect for sucking dick and balls!! how i need to suck some fat dick right now...god i would love for you to be gagging me so hard that my eyes begin to water and i have to stop....MAYBE I WILL RIDE YOU WITH MY COWGIRL HAT ON...AND MY MARDI GRAS BEADS...

wildbill411 58M
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6/6/2006 10:05 pm

Bitch, you make me hot!

fantomflyer26 40M

7/26/2006 12:20 pm

mmmmm, baby.... Lets get together and try that.

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