Getting final approval  

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10/12/2005 2:53 pm

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Getting final approval

The kids were playing in the basement when my husband got home from work. I met him at the door with a hug and kiss and then whispered in his ear. "I found someone to fuck me," I said. I reached down and grabbed his crotch and he was starting to get hard. "Are you sure you want to do this," I asked. Scott kissed me passionately and assured me that he wanted to go through with it. He asked me for the details but I told him he'd have to wait until the kids were in bed.

After I got the kids to sleep, I slipped into a green, silk chemise and nothing else. Scott was in the basement watching a basketball game. I laid down on the couch opposite his chair and asked him if he was ready to hear the details of this fantasy turning reality. My pussy was wet with excitement and I began to slowly play with my clit as I told him.

"There's a guy at work named Calvin who is really good looking. He's tall, muscular, and from what Shannon has told, he's got a really big dick. I talked to him before you got home and told him that you wanted to watch me get fucked while I sucked your cock."

Scott's dick was already hard and he stood up to take off his shorts. He walked toward me and I spread my legs a little wider and slipped two fingers inside my dripping pussy. Scott knealt down beside the couch, his cock only inches from my mouth. "Isn't that what you want, baby," I asked him. "Don't you want me to make you cum in my mouth as my pussy gets fucked hard and deep."

I grabbed Scott's dick and took it into my mouth. I sucked and stroked his dick as he fingered my pussy. Finally I pushed him back onto the floor and crawled on top of him. I grabbed his dick and guided it into my waiting cunt. As I slowly fucked him I started whispering in his ear. "I want you to think about Calvin fucking me. Imagine his big dick stretching my pussy wide as he makes me cum over and over."

The excitement was too much for Scott to handle. Within a matter of moments he was filling my pussy up with his hot cum. I laid on top of him for a couple of minutes before getting up to head to bed. "I hope you enjoy the reality as much as you do the fantasy," I told him. "Because after next weekend there's no turning back."

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