the dragon loves a goddess of the cloud world (hot fantasy sex)  

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3/12/2006 4:51 pm
the dragon loves a goddess of the cloud world (hot fantasy sex)

i flew from the clouds, naked like a drqgon should be, with a different feeling inside myself. my body was rushing with the wind and i felt the air pass over me, between my toes, and i was alive. But there was something else, and i felt it below me, my cock was rising. I swooped down and landed by a waterfall, my bare dragon feet touching the ground. I saw a naked, curly haired, goddesss emerge from the water fall. My dragon cock got hard as I saw her beautiful, naked body. How I wanted to take her beyond the levels of sexual pleasure. The goddess looked at me in all her nakedness, "Oh dragon of supreame strength and mighit, fill me with your power and give me yor love."
The goddess layed down and spread her legs welcmeing me, to push my hot dragon love into her.
I spread my wings and toes as I slowly apporached the little goddess, and put my clawed hands apon her spread legs. My 10 inch dragon cock grew as it touched her flesh. I looked into her eyes and kissed her. Lightning bolts shot from our bodies as i mounted her missionary style, and my hard, bare dragon cock pushed into her tight twat. She yelped and licked my tounge.
"Oh, God, you're so big are you a dragon god?," she asked as she panted and gasped.
"No, my love i just a winged lizard with I big cock, lots of love ,and full of endless passion!!!", as I said this I thrusted harder and harder. The goddesses pussy gushed wetness. Her tounge lashes out for a kiss from the dragon. I lifted her off her bare feet, and pushed myself further in her. I was holding her bare, beautiful body next to mine as i fucked her hard. I wasn't going to last much longer. I wrapped mt wings around my little goddess as she screamed in extasy, i pushed and pushed and
thenm it was to much!!!, I spread my wings, flapped my wings and took 0ff to the sky with my little goddess in my arms, riding my dick, my cum shoot hot explostions of dragon cum and magic into her body. Her screams of pleaseure were like music ,and we shared oragsms for almost an hour. Our bodies slowed down, and we found ourselves lying together on a cloud, far above the earth. We lied there, covered in cum, kissed and looked into each other's eyes."You were incredable", she said
"just wait a few more minuites!",
said as my semi hard dragon cock began to grow again.
"I think, you and I should see each other more", said the goddess
"Me too, sweetheart", and Iwrappped my dragon wings around her as i penetrated her again.

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