Our First Time  

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10/4/2005 4:15 pm

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Our First Time


After much discussion with each other and deciding what would be best to do first... we decided, well she decided that it would be a woman. So we are starting off new, never having done anything like this before but knowing we want to try something new, exiting and fun.

We are in NYC area, and hopefully we can find a nice friendly, funny, personalble and attractive close by to meet a couple times to try this out with. Then we may move on to being with a MFM, but for now a FFM is what we want to try.

What suggestions do people have for us as first timers?

How have experiences been with xmatch?

RomanAndErika 33M/33F

10/5/2005 5:44 pm

welcome newbies! ha ha, as if we are THAT much more experienced!

number 1 rule, golden rule of life aswell, do onto others as you want done on to you! don't expect people to do things you wouldn't do, and don't expect people to allowed to do things you don't allow. Thats in reguards to people you will meet and your partner. Thats the key thing.

Otherwise, its important to relax and ride it out. There might come a situation where you might feel jealous or threatened, but take it easy and adjust to the situation, and you just might love the out come.

Just let it flow naturaly, sometimes they don't need motivation and sometimes they do, but usually once the ball starts rolling you can just ride it out! It just snow balls into something awesome.

Once you start looking for a guy, you will be overwhelmed by the applicants, we find it alot harder to find a single woman our age who is for real and willing to do stuff with us. Couples are much more likely.

firsttimergirl4 51F
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9/26/2006 4:15 pm

My boyfriend and I have NEVER done this before and are looking on this website for ideas on how to get started. We do not know how to find a female to join us as we do not want another couple; at least not at this stage. It is his fantasy to have another woman join us and I am to please.

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