A Young Couple , Beyond the Surface  

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5/30/2005 3:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Young Couple , Beyond the Surface

I am German and Spanish. wife is Asian, Pacific Islander, we met one night by chance and we've been together ever since.

She's tiny, nearly nice creamy brown skin, and she loves micro minis. She has an amazing smile which is probably the reason why the only traffic ticket she's ever gotten was with me. She has long lean muscular legs, an an ass so small and tight. Her tittles are so small and her nipples get so very hard and erect.

We used to be really wild, always out drinking. One night in a Pasadena club we discovered a basement bar room lit only by a juke box, we fucked in that room while just outside the unlockable boor were hundreds of hot girls and horney guys just dying to do it . lillte more than 30 feet away was the real party. It was like Karma Sutra until we collapsed on the couch, recomposed we went back up to join our friends in the main bar.

She loves pretty pussies almost as much as I do, and dancing one night she was catching some sexy glares from this blonde. She asked me "should I dance with her?" "do it" I replied. For what then seemed like eternity but now seems like a few short minutes she moved in a way I had never seen her move. I kid U not. She later said that the other girls had felt ass felt so great, and that the other girl was not wearing any panties. She wanted to finger the girl while they danced but the lights came up and and the bar closed. We talked to the other couple outside who invited us up to their apartment.

Nicky kept pinching the chicks nipples, she is into nipples I guess, and then they just started kissing at the counter. They started getting pretty excited and the other girls boyfriend suggested be go the couch. So we told the girls to take off there clothes and straddle or stack pussies, we started fingering our own wife's pussies, then switched I had not nouched a pussy since we'd been married, I was ready for almost anything.

Each guy separatly took his turn at the stack of pussy, fuck the top hole for a while drop down fuck the second and back to the top we went.

rm_tnf4fun05 50M/47F

6/30/2005 1:15 am

After chatting with them wow what a fun couple and open/honest. We would love to meet them for a fantasy come true date we have allot in common hehehe Our idea of a perfect night is to help the girls achieve the a killer orgasm from our assistance and help. Then swap them out and have at them while the girls look over every so often and kiss while we pound them. Maybe lick each other clits while they are being fucked. Then when they are loose and really horny take them to the next level with toys and vibrators till the sun cums up... Then a nice message and rub down before breakfast

rm_0ceanlvr 59M

7/23/2005 10:10 pm

Very hot encounter!! Would've loved to jump right in You both have a great nite!!!! KP

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