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I am now 63 & a bit! I have been aware of what goes on around me since I was 2. I will list at random things i have observed, particpated in ....
You may ask me to expand on any of my comments at any time!

1 Politics/Government/Loyalty Noboody understands any of them anymore. All Political parties are the same sleek Pratts! The Government! Do we have a Government? I haven't seen a real Government for Decades! The one we have appears to be good at wasting our money with no returns to the "TAX" payer! Loyalty, does anybody understand that word now? I doub it!

2 Anti this/Anti that/Anti everything I haven't had so much fun in years! Everything I truly enjoy is an "Anti"

3 PC What the fuck does that mean?
A Criminal goes free, victim goes to jaol!
B Man woman, he free, she mentally scarred
C Woman man, unless he stupid he enjoys and asks for more!
D 2 Women Man "HEAVEN"
E 3 women man, Heart failure
F Any on a woman, if genuine is depicable!
G Have tried and enjoyed most sexual proclivities
H Prefer the company of Women, can't stand my own sex! No! I am not a "Closet Gay" I checked years ago!
I Lesbians Too many categories, so will be general! A women knows what she desires in a relationship, most men haven't a clue! So if a woman prefers being loved by another woman they both get enjoyment! better than the uisual 3 W man "Wip it in" "Wip it out" "Wipe it off"
i recently met a 20 old young man who hadn't a clue. He 3 W, She frustrated but loves him!!

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4/23/2006 11:35 am

J I am a genuine "Soufender" with the appropriate accent! Although I can be more articulate when I choose !
K I was 2.5 years old living in Grange Gardens, Southend East! There was a very large white bungalow across the road. many men visited, but I noticed one man in particular who called once a week ! Years later, I was told it had been a "Brothel" and the weekly caller was a Detective Sergeant from Vice collecting his "Pay Off"!
K I was sexually aware at a very youmg age, reached puberty at 13, thought about girls all the time! Got so hard, my cock hit the bottom of my Desk!Was at an Boys Grammar from 12 t0 15! Wanted sex, but didn't know what it was and how to get it!

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whoops 2 "Ks" in last posting!
M Tonight saw some very interseting Pics on other "HOT" blogs! maybe it does pay to advertize? If any woman wants to see what i have and what i can give willingly, lovingly, passionately, and ravishingly we will be alone or with another woman!
N At 15 went to mixed Grammar in Rayleigh, Essex! I did not have a clue ! The Girls were terrific, I was inarticulate! I did meet my first ever Girlfriend and lover there, but that will always be private!
O Courted, that was the term then,regularily, but couldn't take my eyes of other women! They wer often friends of my Girlfriend! I didn't know what making love was for a very very long time, but I wanted to fuck them all!
P I had my fair share of successes! it was the early 60's the end of the Mod and Rocker era, the start of the 3 Button Italian suit Mods 7 the "Beatles"! it was many years before I started to appreciate their music! I am and always will be a "Rock'n Roller" at heart!
Q In total married 3 times had 3 relationships finally learnt how to make love in 1987! I now wish to fully pleasure a woman before we get anywhere near penetration! I enjoy it, they enjoy and want it!

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