ChristoFascists: We'd rather you had cancer than sex  

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8/29/2005 8:50 am

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ChristoFascists: We'd rather you had cancer than sex

Well the latest attack from the religious right, or as they're becoming known, the ChristoFascists, is amazingly blatant in its motivation. They're actually working to block vaccines that fight HPV (the primary cause of cervical cancer) because if HPV isn't a threat then more people would have more sex and women dying of cancer is apparently just fine for these "Culture of Life" types.

Don't believe me? has the article at

And for anyone who doesn't feel like clicking a link, here's the opening lines:

Religious right would kill to stop safe sex

Here's more so-crazy-it-can-only-be-a-bad-dream-and-not-the-actual-country-that-enfranchised-us news for women: As we get closer to approval for a vaccine that will prevent human papillomavirus (HPV), the STD thought to cause around 70 percent of cervical cancer cases, some sectors of the religious right have begun to make protest noises. Apparently, disease-prevention of this nature -- in addition to leading to improved health for our mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and selves -- could mean just the green-light we've all been waiting for to go out and rut like bunnies.

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