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You think a trout line is a line you set out to catch trout

You have to drive 200 miles to go trout fishing

You have to explain to your neighbors what a brook trout is

You have to explain that being from New York doesn't mean that you are from New York City

You keep a set of studded snow tires under the "Car Port" just in case

You never heard of a car port before

You have to explain to your neighbors what a garage is

You have to explain to your neighbors what a basement is

You have a set of snow chains in the trunk of your car just in case

You don't even think about harvest until September

Y'all isn't in your vocabulary

You think that okra is a tropical disease

A pack of cigarettes still costs less than a gallon of gas

You use a fly-rod with waders to catch bass

A trip to the city consists of more than going to Wal-Mart

You go uptown instead of going downtown

You have to travel 200 miles to find a city with a population of over 30,000

You have to travel 3 hours before you hit either a divided highway or interstate

A road with a passing lane is considered a multi-lane highway

You don't know the difference between a hound dog, coon dog or squirrel dog

Everything you eat is fried in lard

You have no clue as to what lard is

You don't know the difference between sweet milk and regular milk

A cup of tea does not consist of sweet tea in a 24 oz tumbler with ice

silentptnr 55M
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6/8/2006 8:56 am

"...stuck in the South"? If I'm not mistaken, I-95 runs both ways and Delta is ready when you are. It always amazes me how some people's lack of understanding(respect) for Southern culture and lifestyle equates to a lack of intelligence on our part. So, you just go ahead and hang on to your snow chains and your biases. I'm sure they'll both serve you well in the South.

Down here we look at Yankees as being a lot like hemorroids. They're tolerable as long as they come and go quickly. It's the ones that come and stay that are real pains in the ass.

MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 6/8/2006 10:11 am:
Relax, my post was not one of bias, just observations over the past 25 years of living off and on, either west of the Mississippi or south of the Mason-Dixon line. My children and wife all went to southern schools and colleges and do quite well. I have great neighbors and family that I have a great deal of respect for. If I lived a thousand miles east of here I could use I-95 a little more often and as far as delta goes, it doesn't go as far up as I would need it and the transfer through Hartsfield is always a pain in the ass. I grew up in the boonies way up north and it isn't much different than down here other than the snow chains and maybe the way we hunt deer.

rm_b2dnar 61M

6/8/2006 9:37 am

Ya think somebody missed the "element of humor?"

My Mother was born in the south, yet I was raised in the North. Yep a Yankee. Been here for about 11 years. While I still find the "Southern Culture" quite a bit different than that of our Northern brethern, it's not bad - or backward. Just different.

A few have used the Southern Culture as a basis for humor, Foxworthy, Engval, Tater, and done quite well with it. Ya gotta admit, there's a plethora of material to work with.

But it also applies to the Yanks who you feel have "invaded your land, stay and become a "pain in the ass."

Might as well get over it - we're here to stay. (And if I'm not mistaken, we've sent more than a few Southerners North to the "Big House - the White one - as well.

Chill out, appreciate, if not enjoy, the humor, and remember - "If you can't laugh at yourself - Everyone else will!"

Ya'll Take Care, Now

B2 out
(Yep - a transplanted Yankee and Brother in Arms with Bored)

MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 6/8/2006 10:53 am:

I agree but then again I might need sensitivity training.


sexyariesgirl 57F

6/8/2006 1:21 pm

Oh darlin! I was BORN here and still feel like I'm stuck here sometimes! lol Truthfully I have never lived anywhere but The South and really don't care to. We are a bit different....but I guess that's a good thing. I always get a kick out of posts like this....and I LOVE Blue Collar Comedy...with Jeff, Bill, Ron and Larry! They absolutely crack me up....and a lot of times I feel like they are describing me or at least a close family member! lol

Power To FOK

MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 6/9/2006 1:32 pm:
It could describe my family in Maine just as well. Probably why they are called Mainiacs.


silentptnr 55M
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6/8/2006 3:10 pm

Ok ... UNCLE!

As you may have noticed, MB59 found a soft spot and I glazed right over the humor. My bad. All y'all (plural of the singular y'all) are right that several comedians have made a great living off making fun of Southerners - fellow Southerners. It just gets a little old when every presentation I do in the Great White North has to include a defense of my genealogy, diet, and education.

No, I have never dated/slept with any member of my immediate or extended family (including 2nd & 3rd cousins).

Yes, I have eaten turnip greens. Eating the part that been buried in cow shit for the past few months isn't something I'd brag about, though.

Yes, I do eat grits and I've learned that adding the right amount of butter and salt makes them taste exactly like butter and salt.

Yes, I actually can read - and write, too! It's amazing how many of us Southerners can! Thomas Wolfe, James Faulkner, John Grisham, Anne Rice. Maybe you've heard of them.

... as for deer hunting, I've heard the front bumper of a Ford F-150 works pretty well. Especially when there's some question as to exactly when deer season actually opens/closes.

MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 6/9/2006 1:31 pm:
In many ways, no matter where you live things are about the same one way or another. They have turnip greens up north and I love them with a passion.

When I retired from the military and we decided to live here (close to grandma and grandpa, formerly known as ma-maw and papaw), we had to be very careful when the kids started dating (and this is true), that they didn't date a close relative. It isn't any different than it would have been if we had retired in Maine. I don't even remember who I am related to up there and since my wife was a military brat, she didn't know exactly who she was a close relation to her.

There is a reason why I keep a set of snow chains handy. Once a year I would take them out of the shed and let the kids put them on a car and take them back off. They hated it and all I would say was that if you want to live up north where it really snows, you might need to know how to do this.

When it comes to food. I love most of the food in the south with the exception of boiled okra. Never could get past the look. Pinto beans and stewed potatoes are good but I still would rather have sweet corn bread. I do during holidays make baked beans (northern boston style) and banana bread.

All in all you can make the same basic comments about anybody from almost any part of the country unless they live in a gated community with a home owners association. And that is a whole world unto it's own.

Glad to see you got your sense of humor back and if you want to go off on northerners all the better.


MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 6/9/2006 1:35 pm:
I did forget one thing. My Ford F-150, Ranger, Tarus and Bronco have all reached their bag limit at one time or another, thanks to my son. The boy has killed more deer with vehicles than he has with his .270...


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