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5/17/2006 6:48 am

Well it's Wednesday, hump day, good day. My question for today is.. Why do women tempt you either right before work and I mean going out the door pretty much and get your hopes up just to dash them when you or they get home or say they are hot and when you go to do something about it they just turn off. Prime example: This one morning, she gets out of the tub and asks me to dry her off and then asks if I want her. Stupid question but a squeeze of her breasts and a little droole would kind of punctuate the response but no. Gets dressed and heads out. Then in the evening, says pretty much the same thing and when you take her hand to go somewhere you can do something about her situation says after we eat. Nothing wrong with that I could use a good snack before dinner lol. That wasn't the request, dinner was. So you eat and are ready to go but no. So you wait still drooling from the sight of the morning but after her shows off to bed she goes and fast a sleep 5 minutes later. GRRRRRRR... I kind of figure, if I tell you that I am hot, I will not lead you along. I will even take care of you first with the expectation that I will be taken care of or if I have enough fun may not even worry about that too much. Notice that I said too much. WHY, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US!!!!!

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