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9/2/2006 4:35 pm

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I was reading a friends blog today (Clevergirl4U) and she posed the question of what would you change your name to on here if you could change it.

I have thought about this for a bit now and I know that Marriedbored59 isn't quite the right name I should use for a few reasons when you look below the surface anyway.

It is true that I am married, which is true but that is all spelled out in the profile so it didn't need to be said on the tag line.

It is true that I get bored but not because of being married. More like my physical abilities limit the range of things that I would like to do or used to do at one time.

In the just looking at it would make one think that "he" being me is looking for a quick instant gratification "hook up" which I am nor ever have been looking for.

Would rather have a conversation with someone about their dreams or just thoughts of the day and it doesn't make any difference who it might be, straight gay or otherwise.

Someone who isn't afraid to lay on the grass (or snow) gaze at the stars and think about how beautiful the night sky is and remember the good times of the past and dream of possibilities that lie in the future.

These are the things I look for when I look for someone on here and why my handle might not be the right one for me.

As many of you know from my first posts, most of which have been deleted, I can go to the erotic side and that is good to on occasion since we all have our wild side but it isn't everyday or a primary thing in my case.

It is when I looked past the outward appearance of the need for sex today, right now that I realized that there is more, much more to what makes this site tick.

Each one of us has a need to make contact with someone else on some level, for whatever reason and this site works for all who pass through here if they just look a little deeper.

I have had chance meetings (on line) with people who might match two stars on the compatibility rating but actually had more in common than a five star match. Strange,true but certainly glad that I have met them.

I guess if I had a chance to change my handle I would but still am not sure what I would change it to. Will take some time and if I ever figure it out I can close up shop here and re-register under that name I guess but until then... you folks have a great time, enjoy each other and be good.



9/3/2006 7:53 am

I am glad I read this post. Of course I am not not telling you or anyone else what to do. AS for me I know that your handle leaves the impression as you suggest...married bored man looking for instant gratification. I know a lot of people here may not judge it (although some will) wouldn't touch that idea or person with a ten foot pole. After reading this post I am struck with a person that wants to share his thoughts and feelings with another human being. I am as I would imagine most to this type of person. Social intercourse is a wonderful thing. Nice to know you better {=}

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9/21/2006 10:16 am

Thank you for your kind post. Nothing in life is instant with the possible exception of mashed potatoes and 5 minute rice and I would like to keep it that way. You might hit it off with a person on a physical level but getting to know them is often more fun.

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