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A few days ago, under the title A FRIEND I told you about how much I appreciated her kindness getting and navigating through the site(s).

Today (fathers day and by the way B2 that should have been on the list) she sent me this on ALT and yes I am a member there to same handle. It was so good, and shorter than mine, I asked her if I could post it over here. So this is for all of you from a good friend. Her handle here is HOTASS1261, so if you enjoy, stop by and let her know. Just too bad she lives to far away.


Story time

I’ve been a naughty girl and you decide it’s time to discipline me. You start by placing me over your knee and spanking me. It is decided that you are being effective enough so you take my pants off only to find a thong. You begin to spank me again this time with a whip. As my ass begins to get red, my pussy begins to get wet. I’m trying to get some attention to my pussy but you aren’t finished. You strip me the rest of the way and tie me to the bed. You begin to use the whip on various parts of my body. My nipples are rock hard and my pussy wet. I squirm trying to get some attention to my pussy but you won’t have any of that. You clamp my nipples and being to spank them. You work your way down my body, all the while, I’m squirming trying to get some attention. You finally get to the inner part of my thighs and I’m really squirming. You begin to spank my already swollen clit. I really want to come now. You take two dildos and place them in me. One for my ass, one for my pussy. I’m so very ready to come and you are absolutely driving me wild. You begin to spank my pussy again and I’m writhing by now. You take the whip and spread my pussy lip. They are already red and swollen. You place your tongue on my swollen clit and I can feel the electricity flowing through my body. Your tongue begins to spank my clit. I can’t stand it anymore. You tell me, it’s not time and walk off. I’m so horny, you hear me moaning. You ask if I’m going to be a good girl and I mumble yes. You flip me over with my pink ass up in the air. I still have the dildos in me and you make the comment that my ass isn’t red enough. You take out a paddle and being to make my ass red. I’m almost in tears. I’m begging to please let me come but you tell me we can only do that together. Finally, you take out the dildos and place your cock deep inside me. You start out slow but I finally hear your breath getting shorter and more shallow. I begin to have an organism, you are almost there. With one finally thrust it is over. You gently untie me and hold me in your arms. I promise that I will be a good girl and we fall asleep.

rm_b2dnar 61M

6/19/2006 6:54 am

Now THAT's the way to begin a week!

Beats the heck out of marshalling the staff for a "Wal Mart Cheer" (althoughthe board may take a dim view of such!) No accounting for small minds!

Bored - you state that the author maintains a presence here as Hotass1261. By any chance does she also author a blog? Did a spot of research. but being apparently "technologically challanged," couldn't come up with one. Any direction for a fellow Yankee?

Thanks - and as usual - you've added another dimension to an othewise challenging day.

Oh, Wait - it's an "M" Day!! Have to see if the proposed new schedule I got form you has been read yet!!!!!

Thanks again - B2

MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 6/19/2006 7:15 am:

Met her on Alt.com and her handle over there is HOTASS61. Here as HOTASS1261 but no blog here. She just started one on alt and I guess this was her first posting. Not bad for a first post or story. I think she was trying to teach me the first law of writing, brevity which as you all know here from my one story I posted is a problem for me.

It was a great way to start my fathers day too, which made the day even better.


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