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2/2/2006 5:01 pm

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I gently grab her by the ankles,
as I spread her smooth legs wide.
With that look stirring in her eyes,
I know she wants my hard cock inside.

Slide right in, of course I will, but
I'm thirsty, I must taste her first.
As I lick her slit, she's dripping wet,
her juicy pussy will quench my thirst.

I light little lick on her wet clit,
then I suck it until it swells.
She moans and writhes in ecstacy,
in her head, ring Heaven's bells.

I want her to cum, before I move on,
my finger inside, on her sweet spot.
I keep licking and sucking her clit,
'til she shakes and gets tied in a knot.

I feel her cumming, like an earthquake,
trembling and shaking out of control.
Twisting and turning, trying to escape,
she moans, then purrs, consuming her whole.

Before she can see, I slide my cock in,
with the heat of my rock, she's on the ledge.
I give it to her hard, she quakes again,
two O's in row, send her over the edge.

Watching her pleasure, gets me off alone,
I feel my cock shaking, about to blow.
It erupts, she takes it, sucking it down,
I fall onto her, basking in the afterglow.


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