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1/5/2006 9:30 am

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Hot, sweaty sex is always the best.
If you don't sweat to death,
you'll let her catch her breath.
Can't allow that, not on my shift.
I'll make her cum, 'til she begs for a rift.

Bodies wet, covered in sweat,
we move together, until there's nothing left.
She rides my cock, I suck her breast,
our passion for one another is not in jest.

I roll her over to her back, now I'm on top,
forget the clock, this never has to stop.
I pound her pussy, that's what she wants.
She moans, purrs and cums, all three at once.

She pleads for a gasp, as she tries to get away.
I grab her by the ass and beg her to stay.
Just a little more of her, is all I ask for.
I need more of her sweet pussy, before she heads for the door.

Our sweat and her juice are all over us now.
I pound and I pound as she moans and screams WOW!
She's cumming again and that get's me off.
I stick my cock in her mouth and she sucks 'til it's soft.


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