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1/11/2006 10:16 am

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Fresh from the shower,
she smells so sweet.
I lick my lips in lust,
my cock is in heat.

A kiss, then a touch,
as I lead her to the bed.
She falls on her back,
pussy wet, legs spread.

Watering at the mouth,
I can sense her need.
My tongue in her now,
I'll fulfill, yes indeed.

Softly down her thigh,
my tongue slowly glides.
When I get to her pussy,
she gasps and then sighs.

I push my tongue deep inside,
as my hand holds a breast.
Now rubbing and licking,
I pursue my erotic quest.

Her pleasure is my reward,
her climax, my motivation.
I love to make her cum,
it gives me inspiration.

She writhes in ecstasy,
as I suck on her clit.
I use my fingers inside,
as I nibble on it a bit.

I feel a twitch as she moans,
her orgasm builds intensely.
I push her button, she explodes,
as she cums for me immensely.

My mission is now accomplished,
she came as hard as could be.
As she is fulfilled, so am I,
her satisfaction I guarantee.


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