Of Course I Will  

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1/8/2006 1:53 pm

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6/20/2006 11:51 am

Of Course I Will

There there now baby,
lay your head on my chest.
Out of everything in my life,
it's you, I love the best.

You ask me...Why now?
I'm not quite sure.
You should know inside,
my love for you, is pure.

You must know that I do love you
and you should know that I will.
Can't you feel it in your heart,
my love for you is nothing but real?

You ask for proof?
It's right before you.
Just read between the lines
and you'll know that I do.

Yes, I'll guide US on this journey,
I'll be there, with your wet kiss.
I agree with you on one thing here,
this trip we're on, is bliss.

Am I sure I want to continue?
You must have lost your mind.
If I didn't, for some reason,
I would know that I had lost mine.

Of course, I'll stay in love with you,
be good to me and love me too.
You know I've told you 100 times,
that's all we really have to do.

People always say, love is so complex,
yes, in a way, you could say they're right.
But, in reality, it's quite simple,
if we each love with all of our might.

The questions you ask, so uneen,
are only natural for you to ponder.
Just listen to me now, as I tell you,
from your side, I'll never wander.

We've fallen into this hole together.
If you didn't love me, I'd love you still.
You know it was unseen by me, as well,
and I wouldn't do anything to break our seal.

If something tried to come between us,
I pity the fate it's future would hold.
No one can stand in our way at this point,
as we march forward, together, so bold.


a_poetman 45M

1/8/2006 11:14 pm

Keep em coming....Is this new or old?...no ©?


1/9/2006 9:20 am

Poet, this is new, just responding to her previous entry Will you?

Nope, no ©, I'm just signing them ~EN~ now, so people know who wrote what here.


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