Listen To My Heart  

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1/5/2006 8:04 pm

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Listen To My Heart

Hey baby, it's me.
How are you today?
Just thought I'd see.
I hope you're okay.
I can't wait to hold you again.
Because, you're not only my lover,
but, you're also my best friend.
Since you entered my life,
it's been nothing but nice.
You've become my world
and you've become my vice.
When I'm stressed,
you take it away.
If I have to go,
you make me want to stay.
I'm not sure where we're going
or how we'll get there.
I just know, when I'm with you,
I don't have a care.
Except my love for you,
that's all that matters.
I hope you know it's true,
listen as my heart chatters.
It loves you, it needs you,
it holds you so dear.
Just hear what it says
and you'll have no more fear.


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