Here I Cum  

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1/14/2006 12:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Here I Cum

Ready for round two?
Time's up, here I cum.
You know I won't stop,
until the deed is done.

We're now face to face
you smile, in bliss.
I stare into your eyes,
as I give you a kiss.

I'm coming for you baby,
ready or not, here I am.
Overflowing with lust,
love gun in my hand.

My hands on your legs,
I spread your soft thighs.
Give me your sweet flower,
you will be my demise.

My hand around the shaft,
as my head parts your lips.
I slide it in so slowly,
my mouth around your nips.

You breathe, as I enter,
I sink deep into you.
You let out a soft moan,
lust consumes you too.

Gently sliding at first,
then a powerful thrust.
You scream in delight,
your pleasure, a must.

My hands on your wrists,
over your pretty head.
Holding you down now,
trapped in this bed.

I thrust my cock harder,
your hips buck right back.
I know you love it this way,
it's time for me to attack.

Without hesitancy, I thrust,
your body writhes in rapture.
Viciously, I pound your pussy,
your breath, you can't capture.

Moaning loudly and gasping,
you scream to me "HARDER!"
I go even further into gear,
that's my true kick starter.

When I hear you moan loudly,
it drives me wild with lust.
You push me right to the edge,
now, my cum is about to bust.

Cum for me baby, cum for me now,
I won't let go before you do.
Holding on tight, stroking away,
cum for me baby, I'll cum for you.

Intensity climbs, to it's peak,
hot and wet, I feel your juice.
Screaming out, you cum for me,
tightening inside, as I let loose.

I pull out and give you my cock,
knowing you want to taste my cum.
Lusciously licking, sucking it down,
smiling with your eyes, you say yum.


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