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I asked to pet her.
She agreed.
Not too much though.
She was fatigued.

I stroked her pussy
and rubbed her clit.
As she got wet, I
slid down just a bit.

Not asking, but doing,
my tongue licked her lips.
Wet as could be now,
my hands on her hips.

I adjusted and moved her,
just a little bit.
Now, my tongue could get deeper
and that spot, I could hit.

I licked, lapped and sucked her,
'til her climax came about.
Her legs were all shaky,
she had cum, without a doubt.

Turned on by her pleasure,
my cock grew hard as a rock.
Though barefoot, her boots,
I was so eager to knock.

As I moved closer to her,
I spread her legs wide.
She stared into my eyes,
as my cock slid inside.

The love we both felt,
was so overtaking.
We knew then and there,
that we were not faking.

So much more, than just having sex,
we made love, as we fully connected.
I rose up, with her legs around me,
on my feet, we were standing, erected.

I held her body so close to me,
as we made love in suspension.
She moaned, as I reached for breath,
mutual climax, was our only intention.

I set her down and turned her around,
as I gently took her from behind.
Lusting now, she was ready to pound.
I knew she didn't want me to be kind

I slid my hard cock, deep into her slot,
and she moaned with immense persuasion.
Thrusting hard now, we both came a lot,
as we melted together, in total elation.

As we lay together, so fulfilled,
we looked each other in the eye.
I said I Love You, she loves me too,
we know in our hearts now, that's no lie.


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