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1/7/2006 11:35 am

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Sorry to ruin the warm fuzziness here...but its venting time. I just spent 5 hours in my car... ::gumble:: Giving a "new friend" a ride to the doctors... I now think that its OK to get pissed if anyone ever tells me that I never do anything for other people...5 hours in a car with no A.C. and windows that don't go down...ARGH

But...There was a plus to the factor of broken windows...I didn't have to connect with the crazies...who were circling my car.

Ever see Cujo? When the mom and son are trapped in the car with the rabid beast outside? Yea...that was me... >No not the rabid beast <
There were a few people I "watched" while sitting the the parking lot full of people, some legit, most not, waiting to renew their prescriptions and then on to the next door pharmacy...and a few of them were a hoot. As long as I was safely nestled in my car jamming out to my TASA CD 1 ....lol

Then there was Jamie/Martha...Yes that is what she said...She also told a man cowering in a corner in fear of her that she only talks to herself cause no one listens... she was telling "not to be scared of her" Um...::Locks the doors:: I kept my eye on this one awhile...She was draped in un-matching camo and after some time of talking to herself and throwing herself all over the sidewalk in some crazy display of insanity...Took one look at the rock garden she had just rolled into and screamed...DESERT STORM! ...and ran off...GONE!

Yellow sweater boy...Every time that lobby door opened that boy was passed out almost dead looking across a few seats...Eventually he staggered out and after some heated discussion on the phone...VIOLA the place had given him a random drug test and he had tested positive for cocaine, so they wouldn't give him his prescription of whatever and charged him for the drug test, 65$ ...Scene number two...Yellow sweater boy running around screaming that he wasn't paying the bill and then... ::sirens:: For the love of God...I slink lower in my seat as Yellow sweater boy is taken away...

Jedi Tie Kid...someone was on serious drugs when they conceived this spawn...He was wearing a long tie...down to his knees and had a light saber...He tried to Jedi-Hi YA Yellow sweater boy...while he was on the phone earlier...bad movie....No bra lady was his mom...Her name is self explanatory. Do not go bra less in a white lace wannabe shirt with NO bra...Br tacky..wear a black one...But if your breasts are the size of my head and you're swinging them around trying to catch an unruly child...::rolls eyes::

I'm home...5 hours later...No more favors neighbors....Sorry...Too much real life Jerry Springer for me....


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1/7/2006 11:56 am

Madi as horrible as the events you just described played out in my mind I laughed..
these past 24 hours has been hell for me..
but thanks to you I smiled

may you never relive another day like that again

I welcome you to the House of Syn...


1/7/2006 12:44 pm

LMMFAO Madi, I know it sucked for you to be there but, this blog is a great dose of comedy. I was wondering when you were gonna add in one of Madi's hilarious venting blogs. I'm still laughing at this whole thing. I love you, thanks for the smile. I hate to say I told you so but, I warned you about going on that journey. Little did I know that it would produce such a funny blog, lol.....EN


1/7/2006 1:19 pm

LOL yet again you told me so...Uff I could use some strange amusement in my life...LOL


a_poetman 45M

1/8/2006 9:55 am


Another lesson learned...lol

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